UF Students and Memberships

UF Students and Memberships

Membership is included with A&S fees paid by most UF students

Activity and Service fees (A&S fees) paid by students when registering for classes provide the majority of funding for the Department of Recreational Sports.  Students who pay A&S fees are granted membership for that semester. 

Classifications of UF Students that do not pay A&S fees and require purchase of Membership

Students who do not pay A&S fees require Membership for access to certain services (outlined below).  Membership rates and access policies are established to protect the interests of fee-paying students. These classifications include:

  • Innovation Academy Students (during Fall semester)
  • Students enrolled in certain Distance Education programs that do not pay A&S fees
  • UF students who are not currently enrolled in classes (membership can be purchased for one semester immediately following the semester in which the student was last enrolled and paid A&S fees)
  • Newly Admitted Applicants are defined by the University of Florida as recently admitted traditional students who have yet to attend or register for courses at UF.
  • Newly Admitted UF Online Applicants are defined by the University of Florida as recently admitted degree-seeking UF Online students who have yet to attend or register for UF Online courses.

Services included with Membership:

  • Access to Southwest Recreation Center and Student Recreation & Fitness Center, including Group Fitness classes and equipment check out
    • Members must present a valid Gator 1 Card or use our handkey system for admission into SWRC and SRFC
  • Access to indoor special events programmed by UF RecSports, including Intramural Tournaments and programs and other special events
  • Eligibility to purchase premium services, including Massage Therapy, Small Group Training and Personal Training

Become a Member!

Please contact the Membership Services office for more information, located inside the Administrative Offices of the Southwest Recreation Center.

Phone: (352) 273-2436

Email: membership@recsports.ufl.edu

Business Hours

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Membership Fee Schedule

ClassificationSummer A or BSummer CFall or Spring
Currently Enrolled StudentActivity & Service Fee
Previously Enrolled Student$30$60$100
Spouse/Partner of Currently Enrolled Student$30$60$60
Previously Enrolled Student and Spouse/Partner$60$120$160
Non-Fee-Paying Student$30$60$100
Innovation Academy Student (Fall Semester Rate)$75
Newly Admitted Student$30$60$100

For Faculty, Staff and UF Affiliate rates and information, click here.

Appropriate taxes will be added to the above fees. Membership Services office accepts cash, check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express). Memberships are effective from date of purchase. Gator 1 Card must be presented when purchasing a membership.

Refund Policies

All requests for refunds must be submitted via email to membership@recsports.ufl.edu

  1. Memberships
    1. All membership charges will be refunded if so requested by 7 p.m. of the third business day after the membership agreement was submitted.
    2. When refunds are issued, they will be paid on a prorated basis; and, be paid only for the remainder of the term of the membership period.
    3. A member who receives a refund must pay membership charges according to the charge schedule if he/she wishes to rejoin.
    4. A $10 processing charge will be deducted from the refund amount.
  2. Single use guest passes are not eligible for refunds.
  3. Personal Training charges are not eligible for a refund.
  4. Massage Therapy charges are not eligible for a refund.
  5. Special Event charges are not eligible for refunds. These charges include but are not limited to single day events, tournaments and races.

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