Facility Reservation Request

How to Request a Recsports facility

  • Submit RecSports Facility Request Form below
    • Receive provisional confirmation from RecSports
  • Submit an event permission request to Student Activities and Involvement or the Office of Business Affairs
  • Receive a final confirmation from RecSports

STEP #1 : Recsports Facility Request Form

Facility Details
Facility :
Southwest Recreation Center (SWRC)
SWRC Softball Complex
UVS Sand Volleyball
Student Recreation and Fitness Center (SRFC)
Broward Outdoor Recreation Center (BORC)

If the field/space you request is not available, will you be interested in another field/space location?                                                           Yes    No

Group Details

Group Type:                                     

Name of group requesting facility:  

Contact Name:    
Contact Email Address:    
Contact Phone Number:    

Event Details

Event Name:                                   

Event Type:                                      

If "other", include the event type:       

Event Description (Please be as detailed as possible, including intended field or facility use, equipment/items that will be used on the field or space, etc.):  

DateStart TimeEnd Time
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Option 2
Option 3

Please list below the dates and times that we could try to accommodate your event in order of preference.

Anticipated Number of Participants:  

Is this a recurring event throughout the semester?                     Yes  No
If yes, how frequently?                       

Additional Information

Is your event a sports tournament that will be using officials?    Yes   No

Is your event a group fitness class?   Yes   No

Is everyone participating in your event a UF student, faculty or staff?   Yes   No

Do you need equipment from RecSports for your event?   Yes   No

Do you need power for your event?   Yes   No

Do you need a water source for your event?   Yes   No

Do you need tables, chairs, or bathrooms unlocked for your event?   Yes   No

Additional Requests
  • Florida Gym requests must be made through the College of Health and Human Performance at (352) 392-0578
  • Lake Wauburg requests must be made with Lake Wauburg directly at (352) 466-4112
  • Racquetball and Wallyball Court reservation requests procedures can be found under: Racquet Court Policies

STEP #2 : Submit an event permit/request

STEP #3 : Final Facility Request confirmation from Recsports

In order to confirm a reservation for your facility request, please forward your permit/event approval confirmation from Student Activities and Involvement (registered student organization) or Tara Hollow (non-UF registered organization) to rsfacilityreservations@recsports.ufl.edu