Facility Reservation Request

How to Request a Recsports facility

  • Submit RecSports Facility Request Form below
    • Receive provisional confirmation from RecSports
  • Submit an event permission request to Student Activities and Involvement or the Office of Business Affairs
  • Receive a final confirmation from RecSports
STEP #1 : Recsports Facility Request Form

Facility :
Broward Outdoor Recreation Center (BORC)
Flavet Complex (No power source or water source)
Student Recreation and Fitness Center (SRFC)
Southwest Recreation Center (SWRC)
Hume Complex

UVS Sand Volleyball

Norman Field (No power source or water source)

SWRC Softball Complex

If the field/space you request is not available, will you be interested in another field/space location?                                                           Yes   No

Name of group requesting facility:  

Group Type:                                     

Contact Name:    
Contact Email Address:    
Contact Phone Number:    

Event Name:                                   

Event Type:                                      

If "other", include the event type:       

Event Description (Please be as detailed as possible, including intended field or facility use, equipment/items that will be used on the field or space, etc.):  

DateStart TimeEnd Time
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Option 3

Please list below the dates and times that we could try to accomodate your event in order of preference.

Anticipated Number of Participants:  

Is this a recurring event throughout the semester?                     Yes  No
If yes, how frequently?                       

Is your event a sports tournament that will be using officials?    Yes  No

Is your event a group fitness class?    Yes  No

Is everyone participating in your event a UF student, faculty or staff?   Yes  No

If no, please explain:  

Request for equipment from RecSports through: Equipment Request Form

  • Florida Gym requests must be made through the College of Health and Human Performance at (352) 392-0578
  • Lake Wauburg requests must be made with Lake Wauburg directly at (352) 466-4112
  • Racquetball and Wallyball Court reservation requests procedures can be found under: Racquet Court Policies
STEP #2 : Submit an event permit/request
STEP #3 : Final Facility Request confirmation from Recsports

In order to confirm a reservation for your facility request, please forward your permit/event approval confirmation from Student Activities and Involvement (registered student organization) or Tara Hollow (non-UF registered organization) to rsfacilityreservations@recsports.ufl.edu