Racquet Court Policies

General Policies

  1. Non-marking athletic shoes are required.
  2. Racquetball and paddleball racquets must have a wrist strap which must be used at all times.
  3. Only racquetball, handball, paddleball and wallyball are allowed on the racquetball courts.
  4. Squash is the only activity allowed on the squash courts. No racquetball is allowed.
  5. No more than eight people can be on a court playing wallyball.

Protective Eyewear Policies

  1. Lensed eyewear designed for racquet sports is required for all racquetball, squash, paddleball and handball players. The protective eyewear must be worn as designed and may not be altered. Players who require corrective eyewear also must wear lensed eyewear designed for racquet sports. Protective eyewear can be checked out in either building.
  2. If a player is not wearing the protective eyewear properly, all players on that court will immediately lose their racquet sport privileges for that day.

Reservation Policies

  1. Racquet courts are scheduled on the hour and reservations are taken in person at the lobby desk or by calling SWRC at (352) 846-1081 x32445 or by calling SRFC at (352) 273-2400 during operation hours.
  2. Courts can be reserved no earlier than the previous day.
  3. Reservations will be taken alternately between those who walk-in and call-in, if there is a line.
  4. An individual must indicate his/her first and last name, phone number and partner's name when reserving a court.
  5. An individual can reserve one court for one hour per day. The partner of someone who has made a reservation cannot reserve a court for that day.

Check-In Policies

  1. Users are allowed to check in with their partner up to five minutes after the hour. If they or their partner do not check in, the next team from the waiting list will be given the court. One person cannot hold a court. One person can play on a court only if no one on the waiting list desires to play.
  2. Individuals who reserve a court can cancel the reservation up to two hours prior to the reserved time without penalty.
  3. Individuals who do not check-in, or do not cancel within the time period indicated above will be restricted from reserving courts for one month.