2-Person Golf Scramble

  • Feb 23

    1:00 pm
  • Registration

    Open until Feb 20 at 12:00 pm

  • Contact

    Josey Mayer | JoseyM@RecSports.ufl.edu

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The tournament will be run as a 2-Person Scramble (2 Players Needed). In a scramble format, each player will tee off on every hole. Teams then select which shot they would like to play their second shot from. This process continuous until the ball is holed. Each non-tee shot must be taken non more than one club length from the original ball spot. When putting, all shots must be taken from the same sport. Please contact Josey Mayer at JoseyM@recsports.ufl.edu with any questions or concerns.

Register by Febuary 20th at 12 PM on IMleagues and make your payment through https://rsconnect.recsports.ufl.edu/. Your partner must log into rsconnect individually and make their payment also.

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