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Fitness Assessments

The Fitness Assessment Center offers free, comprehensive assessments which broaden your understanding of your personal health and fitness goals while providing baseline measurements of your current endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination. Monitor your progress by getting a free Fitness Assessment twice a semester, about once every 6 weeks!

Benefits of a Fitness Assessment

  • Obtain scientific baseline measurements of your fitness levels
  • Learn how your movement patterns contribute to your exercise routine and daily life
  • Develop a personal awareness of your physical health
  • Establish attainable goals and maintain accountability
  • Identify limitations that could potentially put you at a risk of injury
  • Increase your self-awareness and self-confidence in any fitness environment

We offer four unique Fitness Assessments, each based on your unique goals  and Movement Style, as well as a Build Your Own Option which allows you to mix and match assessments: 

Health & Wellness

  • Discover how to utilize exercise to enhance your quality of life.
  • Measure balance, posture and biomechanical functions.
  • Increase your self-confidence in any workout environment.


  • Measure strength via 5 rep maximum testing (Chest Press and Leg Press).
  • Perform core, upper and lower body strength-endurance tests.
  • Learn how your programming can positively affect your strength-building exercise programming.

Athletic Performance

  • Measure your speed, agility and quickness using advanced, proven techniques.
  • Discover your power and explosiveness in sport-specific situations.
  • Obtain baseline measurements that directly apply to your favorite sports on the field.


  • The adaptive assessment is modified to accommodate various levels of physical capacity.
  • The wellness appraisers utilize wheelchair accessible equipment to meet all levels of specialized needs.
  • Individuals can measure their flexibility, balance, cardiovascular strength, muscular strength and endurance.

Build Your Own Assessment

  • Combines tests from our other four assessments.
  • Good for those who participate in a variety of different exercises and exercise routines.
  • Obtain baseline measurements for strength, power, agility, and / or general wellness.

Client PARQ

Client Packet

NOTE: Please use Internet Explorer or Safari web browsers to complete the PDF documents. When complete, download and save a copy to your computer that you will send to us.

New Clients

(All clients after 8/15/17 are considered new clients)

Step 1: Fill out Client PARQ and Client Packet and email completed forms to

  • You will receive an email within 48 business hours confirming if you are cleared for physical activity or if physician’s clearance is required.  

Step 2: We will contact you.

  • If cleared for physical activity you may register for your appointment here.
  • If medical clearance is required, we will provide the physical activity clearance form that your primary care physician can complete with directions for submitting it back to the Training Center.

Existing RecSports Clients

(Any clients that have received a service other than Fitness Assessments after 8/15/2017 i.e. Massage Therapy, Personal Training or Small Group Training)

Step 1: Click here to register for your appointment on RSconnect.

Step 2: Show up 5-10 minutes early wearing athletic clothing.