Fitness Assessments

The Fitness Assessment Center offers free, comprehensive assessments which broaden your understanding of your personal health and fitness goals while providing baseline measurements of your current endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination. Monitor your progress by getting a free Fitness Assessment twice a semester, about once every 6 weeks!

Wellness Appraisers will guide you in the direction of a program that will work best with your strengths and wesknesses, focused on what you love to do!

Benefits of a Fitness Assessment:

  • Obtain scientific baseline measurements of your fitness levels
  • Discover your Movement Style and how that affects your exercise programming
  • Develop a personal awareness of your physical health
  • Establish attainable goals and maintain accountability to them
  • Recognize your potential risks of injury
  • Increase your self-confidence in any workout environment

We offer four unique Fitness Assessments, each based on your unique goals  and Movement Style: 

Shape, Power, Balance and Sport.

SHAPE your body by improving body composition, addressing posture and strengthening your muscles.
Use the POWER within yourself to challenge the existance of your physical awareness for a successful outcome.
Find BALANCE by achieving healthy movement while incorporating fitness strategies to manage stress.
Improve your SPORT performance by making the most out of your outdoor and indoor workouts and competitions.

Schedule your FREE fitness assessment in the Training Center located in the Southwest Recreation Center.