Florida Fitness Personal Training is an independent journey determined by your goals and commitment. Our certified personal trainers provide you with an exercise program and individualized support. We work with everyone from the fitness enthusiast wanting to be pain-free to an athlete training for a specific sport or event. Weight loss and weight gain are our two most common training requests but no matter the goal we have a trainer who wants to work with you. The personal training staff will challenge you to enhance your life through movement and provide motivation every step of the way.

Our trainers spend an entire semester dedicated to an extensive training program specific to personal training. We believe that applied knowledge is the way to enhance behavior change. We continually develop our trainers through cutting-edge education, equipment specific training, and hands-on learning.

For sign-up information, please visit our Hire a Trainer page.

If you have additional questions or would like to meet with a trainer to discuss your concerns or tour our training studio please contact Jayne Raponi.

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