10 Things You Never Knew About RecSports

  Sep 20   Fitness, Intramural Sports, News, Nutrition, Outdoors

1. You can see our hourly facility counts on our website

Want to know how crowded the gym is before you head here? We now update hourly head counts of the basketball courts, weight room and other parts of our facilities to our website. 

2. You can choose from 160 Group Fitness classes a week

From six forms of yoga to 45 sessions of cycle to boot camp six days a week, we’ve got your group fitness needs covered. Pro Tip: You can now cancel a class online by logging into your RSConnect account and deleting your registration. 

3. You can attend our outdoor recreation workshops

Our Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE) hosts tons of workshops every semester to help prepare you for the great outdoors. The workshops range from practicing how to sail at Lake Wauburg, to learning useful knots or how to start a fire! 

4. You can receive fitness assessments - for FREE!

Monitor your coordination, endurance, and strength! Track your workout progress by choosing one of four styles: adaptive, athletic performance, health & wellness, or strength. You can register for a free fitness assessment twice a semester! 

5. You can receive tons of swag if you follow us for social media giveaways! 

We love any excuse to hand out RecSports t-shirts. Follow us on social media to see how easily you can score buttons, stickers, frisbees and more!

6. You can camp (and more) on a budget with CORE! 

Need a tent for a music festival? Planning to hammock once you get to the top of that mountain? Going canoeing? Want rain gear just in case? CORE has it all for rent at low prices. 

7. You can get involved with the UF Special Olympics College Club 

Special Olympics Athletes and other students share the field to use sports to break down barriers and foster an inclusive community. If you’re interested in getting involved or volunteering you can visit their Facebook page for information!

8. You can receive nutrition counseling, massage therapy and personal training 

Our premium services, which come at student-friendly prices, will take your self-care to the next level! Our RecSports team includes licensed professionals who will help you reach your wellness goals through nutritional services, massage sessions or various forms of personal training

9. You can be a part of the RecSports family 

Our student employment page is always being updated with new position openings! We have six departments that employ a diverse range of students from all different majors, ages and interests. We love fostering professional development and most importantly inviting new students into our RecSports family! 

10. GatorWell and RecSports are BFFs! 

We’re all about wellness for the whole person, which is why we are major partners with GatorWell. You might have even noticed that GatorWell ambassadors table in our SWRC Lobby every weekday. We work closely with GatorWell to spread health and wellness messages all over campus! 

After getting the inside scoop, you can now experience more of RecSports than you ever thought was possible! You can head over to our website for more information about what we offer or directly contact us if you have any questions.

- Taylor Norberg, Marketing Associate/Facility Operations Supervisor