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  Feb 24

New RecSports Dietitian offers nutrition services and redefines ‘dieting’

She grows her own garden, loves to buy local and harvests veggies for her pet rabbit. My friend Jessie Furman, UF RecSports’ new Registered Dietitian, turns wholesome eating into a lifestyle philosophy.“I’m an anti-diet dietitian,” Jessie told me. “My approach is to educate you on nutrition and then we establish the goals you want to reach. We come up with a lifestyle for […]

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  Feb 17   CORE

Gandalf with a Paddle

Sometimes I’m a mediocre teacher.  I stutter.  I talk too fast.  I skip around topics like a pinball, only to realize my students aren’t connecting the dots.  Since I often teach outdoor skills, like paddling a sea kayak, the mediocrity also displays in my “less than perfect” ability to model strokes.  Insert “sad face with a little tear” emoji.Where am I falling short?  […]

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  Feb 13

Small Group Training: The Future of the Workout Experience

Did you know RecSports offers a new dimension of fitness by merging Group Fitness with Personal Training? It’s called Small Group Training and it’s awesome!Classes focus on workouts for 3-12 participants, so all you have to do is get a group of friends together for a personalized, motivational workout with an instructor. You’ll be challenged no matter your fitness level and […]

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  Feb 10   CORE


It will be sunny, warm and clear this weekend, the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.  Since you’ve been deep into your schoolwork, jobs, and involvement, I’m going to plan a sweet day trip for you that will take the stress away.Here’s the deal…  About an hour south of here is a little slice of heaven called Silver Springs State Park.  The crystal clear […]

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  Feb 3   CORE

What is Outdoor Recreation?

So I’ve been thinking more about what Outdoor Recreation is.  First, let’s define Recreation:  an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.  That’s simple enough.  I can think of a million things I’d love to do for enjoyment!  It is quite broad, indeed.  It includes activities like exercise, sports, nature walks, hanging around in hammocks and even sightseeing.  So, […]

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  Jan 27   CORE

What It Is To Be Happy

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery – air, mountains, trees, people.  I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.’” – Sylvia Plath, American poet We need contact with nature. We need to be outside, away from walls, ceilings, monitors, screens and artificial lighting. Countless studies prove the psychological benefits of contacting nature. Well-designed […]

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  Jan 25   Uncategorized

Are you a Strong Gator?

Are you an athlete beyond dodging tablers in Turlington or catching an RTS bus that didn’t stop for you?  If you’re a true competitor, then the RecSports Strong Gator event wants to see what you’ve got.Set your fight songs on repeat and bring your inner beast mode. Strong Gator is the ultimate test of willpower.  Warriors of all genders and sizes are invited to the event […]

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  Jan 9   CORE

CORE’s Spring TRiP Registration Event

I’m honoring my New Years’ resolutions and committing to have an awesome semester by signing up for a TRiP!Catch me in line to snag a spot for spring will be the Spring TRiP Registration Event, hosted by the RecSports' CORE department.TRiPs provided by the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE) are planned outdoor excursions for a variety of different […]

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  Nov 16   Uncategorized

2016 Track & Field Meet Results

Men's 3200M Time 1st Place Peter Licari 10:21.0 2nd Place Alexander Weischedel 10:24.5 3rd Place Trevor Tilly 10:41.1 Women's 3200M Time 1st Place Courtney Rouse 12:30.4 2nd Place Alicia Romano 13:17.0 Men's 4x200M […]

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  Jun 22   Uncategorized

#LiveinMotion July Photo Challenge

The July Social Media Photo Challenge is here once again, Gators! Follow the daily themes to post photos that showcase your healthy, active lifestyle.Instructions:Follow our calendar below and take your own photos to showcase your active interpretation of the theme! If you need any creative ideas, our RecSports Twitter and Instagram will be providing you with our own […]

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