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  Dec 19   Nutrition

New Year, New Diet?

Thinking about a quick diet to get you on track for health and wellness this New Year? The most popular resolutions every January 1st include: Eat healthier, Get fit, and Lose weight. It all seems so easy. Simply follow this meal plan and voilà, a leaner, slimmer you in 30 days!Unfortunately, quick results may come at a cost.  Prepare for increased cravings, more thoughts […]

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  Dec 11   Sport Clubs

Adaptive Sports Flash Tournaments

In Southwest Recreation Center, students can hear dozens of basketballs bouncing. About 15 students are sitting, trying to make three-pointers as their wheels are rolling up and down the court and the clock is ticking. The crowd goes wild as a three-pointer is finally shot. Shooting three-pointers from a sitting position is a rigorous skill. Taylor Becorest, student at UF, was […]

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  Dec 4

November Club of the Month- Women’s Volleyball Prepares for Upcoming Spring Season

It’s been such a blast highlighting our club of the month Women’s Volleyball. With a total of 30 team members on this Division 1A team ranging from freshmen to seniors, they demonstrate athletic fierceness on and off the court.This past fall season, the girls became champions at the UF home tournament competing against schools such as UCF, FSU and USF. Coincidentally, our […]

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  Nov 20   News

Social media boosts student health awareness at UF

You’ll constantly find people running at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, waiting in long lines at Southwest Recreation Center or taking a group fitness class at Student Recreation and Fitness Center.Health conscious restaurants are popping up everywhere, and ‘fitspos’ are crowding social media.Is it a fad, or are the students of the University of Florida going on a permanent […]

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  Nov 19   Sport Clubs

Men’s Club Lacrosse Accepts New Team Member

The University of Florida’s Men’s Club Lacrosse team has recently signed off on a new player. He may be a little shorter, a little younger and a little greener than the rest of the team, but he is stronger than the entire team combined.  Ka’Narius Strong is his name and lacrosse is his game. Ka’Narius is a nine-year-old fighter of neuroblastoma in which he was diagnosed at age […]

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  Nov 15   Sport Clubs

Sport Club Weekend Wrap-Up Nov. 9-11

This Veterans Day weekend was not very busy locally, however many of our teams were traveling to represent the Gators.Our surf club traveled to New Smyrna Beach, FL to catch some gnarly waves at the NSSA Regular. The team of 15 placed 4th overall. Noah Blanchard advanced to the semi-finals, and all other surfers placed 4th or better in their individual heats.Swimming […]

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  Nov 9   Sport Clubs

Sport Club Weekend Wrap-Up Nov. 5

Weekend Wrap-UpNovember 5th            The SEC gator football team may have taken a L this weekend, but our sport clubs sure didn’t. This year our club crew team had one of their biggest accomplishments ever. They won 1st place at the Head of the Hooch, one of the world’s largest rowing regattas.  Our gators took home the win facing a total of 62 teams, 10 of them being […]

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  Nov 1   Sport Clubs

Sport Club Weekend Wrap-Up Oct. 26-29

Weekend Wrap UpOctober 29thWhile most gators were traveling to Jacksonville for the Florida Gators vs Georgia Bulldogs game, some of our sport club teams traveled to participate in their own games. Our teams travelled from South Florida, Chicago and anywhere in between.Club Equestrian traveled to Ocala, FL and Green Cove Springs, FL to participate in two different […]

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  Oct 24   Sport Clubs

Sport Club Weekend Wrap-Up Oct. 19-22

Weekend Wrap UpOctober 22nd           The sun may have been shining and the temperature may have hit mid 90s this past weekend, but our UF sport club teams stuck through the heat and brought home some victories.Women’s flag football participated in the Swamp Bowl at Southwest Fields. This weekend-long tournament was against teams traveling from all over the SEC region. […]

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  Oct 18   Sport Clubs

Player of the Week - Trevor Tilly

“It is pure bliss to have others as excited to do stupid workouts that will leave us beat and limping around for some time”, said Trevor Tilly, a 28-year-old UF PhD student and member of the tri-gator team.Tilly practices almost everyday by swimming, biking, running, rollerblading, strength training and stretching to train for Tri-Gators.He even says, “ I also started […]

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  Oct 17   Sport Clubs

Sport Club Weekend Wrap-Up Oct. 12-15

Weekend Wrap UpOctober 15thThis weekend was a busy one for our Competitive Sports Staff with competitions, flash tournaments and a round robin all happening right here on our campus.             Friday night, a cornhole flash tournament took place. Students formed teams, and came out to enjoy the nice weather at Broward Courts. In attendance were 16 teams, and a lot of […]

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  Sep 24   Fitness, News

Fitness Assessments for all Mobility Levels

Want more insight to your fitness routine? Get the most out of your gym experience by signing up for your free fitness assessment.So, why get a fitness assessment? Here’s our take on the four main reasons why you should: 1. A Fitness Assessment is a great opportunity to set specific goals and get one-on-one time with a wellness appraiser. All of our wellness appraisers […]

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