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  Mar 19   News

How Our Athletic Trainers Keep Gators in Motion

Ever wonder who’s in charge of responding to the injuries of RecSports’ athletes? While I thought of Athletic Trainers (ATs) being on the sideline of an intramural sports game, Meghan Yokem, Graduate Assistant for Athletic Training, explained to me that ATs are now emerging in new environments such as gyms or fire stations.“This is because all active people are prone to […]

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  Feb 28   Fitness, News

New Small Group Training class will make you love cardio

Have you heard the news? We're hosting a new Small Group Training format to improve your running performance in prep for our annual 5k, Midnight Fun Run (MFR)! Don't be fooled though, this Run Your Way to 5k class will require a lot more than just running.Being a goal-based athlete “For someone who has never ran a 5k before, this will give them the ability to work […]

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  Jan 24   Sport Clubs

The Florida Gators Bring Home a National Championship Title

Gainesville, Florida – On January 7th, 2018, the Florida Women’s Flag Football team conquered the FAMU Rattlers in overtime to bring home their first National Championship title.Club President, Amanda Chromiak, said it was the team’s 4th time playing FAMU within the 2017 season, so the game was very familiar to both. In order to win, both teams knew they would need to […]

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  Jan 9   Outdoors

Walk on the Wild Side: 4 Hikes Near Gainesville

Getting yourself into nature is a short drive away from campus. Take a walk on the wild side with these 4 hikes near Gainesville:1)  Morningside Nature CenterThis nature park features miles of marked trails along boardwalks and through pine forests. There are picnic tables and a large pavilion, as well as a small historic village where you can learn about Florida life as […]

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  Dec 8   Fitness, Nutrition

Your RecSports’ Guide to Holiday Fitness

Want to keep up with your workouts over the holidays? Our Strength and Conditioning graduate assistants, Megan Engel and Hannah Hutchison, gave me some tips on what you can do during Winter Break!Opt for calisthenics exercises“Calisthenics is the easiest way to keep moving,” Megan told me. “Calisthenics is basically functional training, meaning you don’t use weights. […]

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  Dec 5   Sport Clubs

UF Men’s Club Lacrosse is For the Gator Good

You may know the UF Men’s Club Lacrosse team by their impressive stats on the field, but what they do off the fields is even more impressive.  For the past couple of years, the UF Men’s Lacrosse team has supported the UF Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program in honor of their former team captain, Jamie Chapin, who passed away from brain cancer in 2011.  The idea to honor Jamie’s […]

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  Nov 15   Fitness

Adventure Race 2017 required teamwork, laughs, and lots of sweat

For once in my life, waking up at 7 a.m. was totally worth it! I admired the crisp morning air as my partner and I cruised down 441 toward Lake Wauburg's South Shore. Adventure Race kicked off with a 3-mile run. Abraham Wilson and Trevor Tilly, the male division winners, breezed past us from the start!Abraham, in all seriousness, told me, "The day of the race was really […]

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  Oct 27   Fitness

Does Cardio Affect Resistance Training?

Do you enjoy resistance training? At one point or another, you have probably asked yourself whether cardio will burn your muscle mass. The real answer? It depends. While training like a marathon runner could potentially cause a decrease in muscle mass, a number of cardio tactics can be complementary to a resistance training program. For starters, cardio can help with muscle […]

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  Oct 6   Fitness

Small Group Training Makes Working Out a Blast

As a fellow fitness junkie, I wanted to know what the Small Group Training hype was all about. I attended a Cross Training session last week to find out firsthand – and I was not disappointed!We were allowed to blast our own songs in the studio, so I requested some rock music to get in the zone!I had no idea what was in store, but showed up to Southwest Rec Center’s […]

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  Sep 20   Intramural Sports

The Quest for the Championship Tee

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wear the most exclusive t-shirt UF offers? I interviewed recent Intramural champions about what it took for them to win the Intramurals Champions t-shirt.Taylor Norberg: So how does your team know each other?Federico Cunha, Soccer, Team Sporting FC: We’ve been playing together for two years, but the team has actually been active […]

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  Aug 31   Outdoors

CORE Can Take You Out of Your Comfort Zone

What comes to mind when you think of summer?Do images of warm beaches and high tides take you back to your favorite memory? Taking a leap, eight students decided to defy this basic idea of summer and travelled to Iceland, the land of fire and ice. CORE leaders, Jackie Matthews and Amber Larkin, led participants and all braved hiking up to 12 miles a day carrying a minimum of […]

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  Aug 17   News

Activity Boosts Brain Power & Keeps You Connected!

Want the secret to your brain performing at its best? The answer is to get your blood pumping with physical activity!After reading John Ratey’s Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, I learned that exercise is not only good for your bod, but also for your success as a student.Exercise is a form of stress because it requires your body to react […]

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