Adventure Race 2017 required teamwork, laughs, and lots of sweat

  Nov 15   Fitness

For once in my life, waking up at 7 a.m. was totally worth it! I admired the crisp morning air as my partner and I cruised down 441 toward Lake Wauburg's South Shore. 

Adventure Race kicked off with a 3-mile run. Abraham Wilson and Trevor Tilly, the male division winners, breezed past us from the start!

Abraham, in all seriousness, told me, "The day of the race was really just a culmination of all the skills we’ve practiced: dropping CD's onto pencils, transporting M&Ms with a straw, canoeing, and not being afraid of heights." 

While running along the wilderness path, we were met with our first special task – rearranging M&Ms without using our hands!

Next, we raced over to the canoes (luckily, my partner noticed they were all deceitfully placed backwards) and hit the water. The lake glistened, and its beauty distracted me as we were surpassed by co-ed division winners, Leah and Zane Shelley!

After the canoe portion, we flawlessly executed the second special task of transferring a tennis ball between us by using our legs.

We then grabbed our bikes and watched female division winners Erin Waterman and Caroline Krueger soar through the bumpy trails ahead of us. Our ride was interrupted by another special task involving aim, which gratefully, my partner nailed at the last possible second!


After a long stretch of bike riding, we came upon our final special task, the challenge of memorizing a tricky path across these colored dots (photo below).

Celebratory shouts of triumph were heard while crossing the finish line, but my partner and I still had unfinished business. We elected to complete a rock climbing route at the end of the race for a time reduction incentive. 

We ended the perfect morning of competition and exhilaration, learning that we had placed 3rd in the co-ed division! 

Co-ed participant Stephanie Mackenzie told me, “I wasn't really sure what to expect at first but the atmosphere was super energetic and racing with the other contestants was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!” 

- Taylor Norberg, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant and Facility Operations Supervisor