Are you a Strong Gator?

  Jan 25   News, Uncategorized

Are you an athlete beyond dodging tablers in Turlington or catching an RTS bus that didn’t stop for you?  If you’re a true competitor, then the RecSports Strong Gator event wants to see what you’ve got.

Set your fight songs on repeat and bring your inner beast mode. Strong Gator is the ultimate test of willpower.  Warriors of all genders and sizes are invited to the event to see who will come out on top. The competition is on Saturday, February 18th, at Maguire Field, behind Southwest Recreation Center. 

The tests of strength include: log clean and press, atlas stone lift, Dynamax overhead toss, tire flip, deadlift and prowler push/farmer’s walk/standing sled pull medley. Participants will square off against opponents in the same weight class. Champions will be determined based on the cutthroat point system. 

“You stand there anticipating your turn for each event, but it's especially thrilling because you know you're about to give your all, physically and mentally,” Abbey Patterson told me about her empowering experience of last years’ Strong Gator.

Even if you’re looking for bragging rights and a prize, there is much more to gain from the competition.  It’s a physical event, but you’ll also boost your mental strength by tackling the challenge.  Come out to be reminded of the internal power that we all possess!

- Taylor Norberg, RecSports Operations Supervisor

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