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  Nov 20   News

Social media boosts student health awareness at UF

You’ll constantly find people running at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, waiting in long lines at Southwest Recreation Center or taking a group fitness class at Student Recreation and Fitness Center.Health conscious restaurants are popping up everywhere, and ‘fitspos’ are crowding social media.Is it a fad, or are the students of the University of Florida going on a permanent […]

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  Sep 24   Fitness, News

Fitness Assessments for all Mobility Levels

Want more insight to your fitness routine? Get the most out of your gym experience by signing up for your free fitness assessment.So, why get a fitness assessment? Here’s our take on the four main reasons why you should: 1. A Fitness Assessment is a great opportunity to set specific goals and get one-on-one time with a wellness appraiser. All of our wellness appraisers […]

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  Sep 20   Fitness, Intramural Sports, News, Nutrition, Outdoors

10 Things You Never Knew About RecSports

1. You can see our hourly facility counts on our websiteWant to know how crowded the gym is before you head here? We now update hourly head counts of the basketball courts, weight room and other parts of our facilities to our website. 2. You can choose from 160 Group Fitness classes a weekFrom six forms of yoga to 45 sessions of cycle to boot camp six days a week, […]

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  Jul 31   News

First Trip to the Gym: What to Know!

Thinking about heading to the gym, but don’t know where to start? Keep reading to learn about 10 things to do on your first trip to Southwest Rec or Student Rec and Fitness Center!1. Get a tourLearn what RecSports has to offer! Ask the front desk for a tour of either facility to get to know the layout of Southwest Recreation Center, or Student Fitness and Recreation […]

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  Jul 2   News

The July Photo Challenge is Back & Better than Ever!

Chomp for the camera, Gators, because the July Photo Challenge is back! Follow the daily themes on July 2-6 and 19-13 to post Instagram photos/videos that showcase how you #LiveInMotion. At the end of the Photo Challenge, two participants will receive Apple Airpods as the grand prize!Instructions:Follow our calendar below and post your own photos/videos to Instagram […]

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  Jun 6   News

RecSports collabs with GatorWell to help students excel

RecSports is an important partner of GatorWell, as we both strive to integrate our health initiatives with other departments on campus. […]

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  Mar 19   News

How Our Athletic Trainers Keep Gators in Motion

Ever wonder who’s in charge of responding to the injuries of RecSports’ athletes? While I thought of Athletic Trainers (ATs) being on the sideline of an intramural sports game, Meghan Yokem, Graduate Assistant for Athletic Training, explained to me that ATs are now emerging in new environments such as gyms or fire stations.“This is because all active people are prone to […]

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  Feb 28   Fitness, News

New Small Group Training class will make you love cardio

Have you heard the news? We're hosting a new Small Group Training format to improve your running performance in prep for our annual 5k, Midnight Fun Run (MFR)! Don't be fooled though, this Run Your Way to 5k class will require a lot more than just running.Being a goal-based athlete “For someone who has never ran a 5k before, this will give them the ability to work […]

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  Aug 17   News

Activity Boosts Brain Power & Keeps You Connected!

Want the secret to your brain performing at its best? The answer is to get your blood pumping with physical activity!After reading John Ratey’s Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, I learned that exercise is not only good for your bod, but also for your success as a student.Exercise is a form of stress because it requires your body to react […]

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  Jul 25   News

Climbers take on Yosemite’s Half Dome in their own backyard 

“I haven't climbed or even been to Yosemite (National Park),” Tony Lopez told me. He recently completed this summer’s Lake Wauburg Climbing Challenge. “It’s one of my future travel destinations now!”Tony climbed Lake Wauburg’s Carolina Climbing Wall from the ground 25 times, which equals the height of Yosemite National Park’s famous Half Dome hike. That’s 1,375 feet of […]

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  Jun 1   News

The July Photo Challenge is back!

Smile for the camera, Gators, because the July Photo Challenge is back! Follow the daily themes to post photos that showcase how you #LiveInMotion.Instructions:Follow our calendar below and take your own photos to showcase your active interpretation of the theme! If you need a creative push, our RecSports Instagram will be providing you with our own examples as well as […]

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  Apr 21   News

Previously Enrolled Students are always welcome back

Graduating this semester? Taking the summer off from classes? If you’re staying in Gainesville, you don’t have to leave the RecSports family.You can continue to have access to your favorite facilities, group fitness classes and more by purchasing a Previously Enrolled Student Membership at the reduced student rate.  Nothing can stop your summer bod goals now.Nina Farro, […]

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