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  Mar 18   Outdoors

Breaking Barriers at Black Balsam

“That was INCREDIBLE! I can’t believe we just did that!, one of the hikers shouted as we triumphantly high-fived in the parking lot after trudging up the final incline of the weekend with our 500-pound backpacks.We reached the van from which we had departed a few days earlier and threw our packs on the ground, trying to extend our vision past the thick fog, and just kind of […]

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  Feb 13   Outdoors

Faceless in Paradise: A UF Sea Kayaking TRiP to the Bahamas

I never thought I’d take an aqua-dump, but there I was in the Spring of 2018 squatting waist deep in the tropical blue waters of the Bahamas. A little backstory, TRiP facilitated a week-long sea kayaking trip to the Exuma Cays, and I was lucky enough to be one of the leaders to plan it. While you could hear a great story from any of the 9 of us that went, there was something […]

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  Sep 20   Fitness, Intramural Sports, News, Nutrition, Outdoors

10 Things You Never Knew About RecSports

1. You can see our hourly facility counts on our websiteWant to know how crowded the gym is before you head here? We now update hourly head counts of the basketball courts, weight room and other parts of our facilities to our website. 2. You can choose from 160 Group Fitness classes a weekFrom six forms of yoga to 45 sessions of cycle to boot camp six days a week, […]

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  Jun 8   Outdoors

A TRiP to the Bahamas: Q&A with Eric Bovee

After returning from a spring break TRiP that took him through the Caribbean waters, Eric Bovee shared his story with me. Eric describes his personal journey from nervousness to amazement as he kayaked from island to island in search of beauty and serenity. In this interview, he delves into what the TRiP entailed, his triumphs along the way and what he has taken away from the […]

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  Jan 9   Outdoors

Walk on the Wild Side: 4 Hikes Near Gainesville

Getting yourself into nature is a short drive away from campus. Take a walk on the wild side with these 4 hikes near Gainesville:1)  Morningside Nature CenterThis nature park features miles of marked trails along boardwalks and through pine forests. There are picnic tables and a large pavilion, as well as a small historic village where you can learn about Florida life as […]

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  Aug 31   Outdoors

CORE Can Take You Out of Your Comfort Zone

What comes to mind when you think of summer?Do images of warm beaches and high tides take you back to your favorite memory? Taking a leap, eight students decided to defy this basic idea of summer and travelled to Iceland, the land of fire and ice. CORE leaders, Jackie Matthews and Amber Larkin, led participants and all braved hiking up to 12 miles a day carrying a minimum of […]

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  Jul 10   Outdoors

Summer in Iceland

Our Iceland TRiP participants are prepping for their international adventure, and I can’t help but wish I were going, too!Leading the trip with their expertise and hysterical antics, CORE’s dynamic duo, Amber Larkin and Jackie Matthews, told me about what the participants are in for.“The scenes we’ll be hiking through sound like they’re straight out of a folk tale,” […]

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  Mar 13   Outdoors

Extend your spring break with a Lake Wauburg staycation!

Want to fight the post-spring break blues? I’m heading out to Lake Wauburg the first Saturday after spring break for another day on the water! On March 18th Lake Wauburg will be hosting the Music in the Park event to kick off spring.I’m already day dreaming about a gorgeous day in the sun alongside friends and enjoying live music!  At noon the UF Steel Band will set the mood […]

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  Feb 17   Outdoors

Gandalf with a Paddle

Sometimes I’m a mediocre teacher.  I stutter.  I talk too fast.  I skip around topics like a pinball, only to realize my students aren’t connecting the dots.  Since I often teach outdoor skills, like paddling a sea kayak, the mediocrity also displays in my “less than perfect” ability to model strokes.  Insert “sad face with a little tear” emoji.Where am I falling short?  […]

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  Feb 10   Outdoors


It will be sunny, warm and clear this weekend, the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.  Since you’ve been deep into your schoolwork, jobs, and involvement, I’m going to plan a sweet day trip for you that will take the stress away.Here’s the deal…  About an hour south of here is a little slice of heaven called Silver Springs State Park.  The crystal clear […]

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  Feb 3   Outdoors

What is Outdoor Recreation?

So I’ve been thinking more about what Outdoor Recreation is.  First, let’s define Recreation:  an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.  That’s simple enough.  I can think of a million things I’d love to do for enjoyment!  It is quite broad, indeed.  It includes activities like exercise, sports, nature walks, hanging around in hammocks and even sightseeing.  So, […]

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