CORE Can Take You Out of Your Comfort Zone

  Aug 31   Outdoors

What comes to mind when you think of summer?

Do images of warm beaches and high tides take you back to your favorite memory? Taking a leap, eight students decided to defy this basic idea of summer and travelled to Iceland, the land of fire and ice. CORE leaders, Jackie Matthews and Amber Larkin, led participants and all braved hiking up to 12 miles a day carrying a minimum of 35 pounds on their backs. Our CORE leaders captured beautiful images throughout the journey.

Take a peek at how 10 strangers came together to create a thrilling adventure!

With temperatures reaching below 40 degrees Farenheit, attempting to cook a nutritious meal was not easy! Jackie and Amber prepared larger meals for participants, but students also enjoyed fueling up with bread, apples, bananas, granola cups and plenty of protein bars.

Apples, bananas, granola cups, protein bars    Campers sitting at Iceland campsite

Who would’ve thought you’d see Icelandic ponies on a TRiP offered by UF RecSports? Participants were able to come face to face with sheep and horses.

Ponies on the mountain side    Sheep Roaming on the mountainside

Did you have a “baaaaaaaaad” trip? Neigh!

A six-day venture through Iceland not only allowed participants to gaze at the miraculous views, but also come close to exotic rocks called obsidians. Any explorer would want to take home this treasure, but throughout their venture CORE kept to a code: Jackie says, “Leave no trace behind. We want to visit these places because they’re beautiful. We should do what we can to keep it this way.”

5 Hikers Crossing Makeshift bridge   7 Hikers Walking up scenic mountain overview

hikers climbing up mountain side trail   Prepared Hiker with Backpacking Gear on

Drake has nothing on these views. The sights were breathtaking. 

Hiker on apex of scenic mountain   scenic overview of mountaintops and sky

8 Hikers on mountaintop overlook with waterfall beneath

Amber told me, “CORE will take you on a trip where comforts are gone and community happens.” And it's true -- CORE’s Summer Trip to Iceland was so much more than a vacation; participants created bonds that can never be broken. Take a visit into our CORE facility and find your right TRiP today.

hikers' silhouettes on mountain sides    hikers posing with each other in misty area of trail, funny

hikers group photo with Iceland flag

- Jordan Drayton, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant