Enhance Your Strength and Power with Small Group Training!

  Jun 28   Fitness

"Olympic Weightlifting?! I could never do that!” 

That's the most common comment I get Small Group Training Demo Week. I stand just past the turnstiles, waiting for you to walk in, ready to work out, and I want to introduce you to a free opportunity to try something new! But, alas, I am as much of a burden as those you see while walking through Turlington. 

I know you have a workout already planned, but listen! I’m only trying to cue you into something I personally believe is a fantastic deal and all around something that will complement your current training program!

Olympic Weightlifting is a small group training format that educates participants on proper movement mechanics while under load. It also allows you a safe place to learn coordinated power skills, and increases overall strength and mobility. We go over the two main lifts of the sport: snatch and clean & jerk, while also giving attention to other complementing strength movements. The class caps at six participants and allows your instructor to give you a more personalized program than group fitness, while still fostering a fun group training environment. 

You’re even given access to the weightlifting platforms during class time, which is not allowed to others who are not yet “tested out” to train in the area. Talk about an exclusive experience! Not only can you practice your lifts, but soon train on your own when you test out! 

I’ve had participants who have never set foot in a weight room, as well as those who have been practicing the sport for 6+ months and just want someone to help them dial in. Regardless of where you’re at, all skill levels are welcome to the class. We want to help make you a more comfortable and efficient athlete.

If weightlifting isn’t your style, no worries! Flying Yoga is another one of our extremely popular formats, where you learn poses in aerial silks as you hover a few inches above the ground in a comfortable, yet sturdy, hammock holding. A certified instructor will lead you through fun sequences of poses. Use the class as your de-stressor from a hectic day or to increase your current yoga strength, flexibility, and overall skill level. Don’t forget to take a quick pic for Insta to show off your progress through poses! 

These formats are just two of many fantastic opportunities to learn a new, specific skillset at a discounted student rate, as comparable programs in the greater Gainesville area normally come with a much larger price tag. Read on for quotes from past participants:

  • “I liked how the lifts were explained in a more technical sense to accommodate my way of understanding.”
  • "The small group format was beneficial for me because the training was more personalized and it was easier to form connections with other people, and the lifts I learned increased my activity level and improved my overall mechanics throughout other activities.”
  • “The Weightlifting coach was patient but pushed me to do my best through education and motivation, and she wrote an awesome workout for the hour long class! 100% worth the money.”
  • “Flying yoga let me take my [practice] to the next level! It’s a total different type of flow and mindfulness. And the regressions and progressions offered by the coach allowed everyone in the class to enjoy, regardless of skill levels.”
  • “My friend and I took Flying Yoga on a whim because of the fun demo class, but I was still surprised by how much I learned and how awesome it was to learn a skill so unique. It was relaxing and exciting at the same time. A workout and a yoga class.”

Free demo week is coming up, and thirty minutes of your trip to the gym could be well spent participating in a short Olympic Weightlifting or Flying Yoga class. Our full-length classes start the week of July 9th and spots fill fast! 

If  you attend a free demo class and aren’t interested, no worries, have an awesome workout! But if you learned something new and had a great time, what else are you waiting for?

- Brooke Tate, Program Assistant for Small Group Training, UF RecSports