First Trip to the Gym: What to Know!

  Jul 31   News

Thinking about heading to the gym, but don’t know where to start? Keep reading to learn about 10 things to do on your first trip to Southwest Rec or Student Rec and Fitness Center!

1. Get a tour

Learn what RecSports has to offer! Ask the front desk for a tour of either facility to get to know the layout of Southwest Recreation Center, or Student Fitness and Recreation Center. They will direct you through the multipurpose and racquetball courts, cardio spaces, locker rooms, and the weight room!

2. Set up your hand key

Skip the line of people swiping Gator1 Cards for access to the gyms! Set up your handkey and get in with ease! It saves a picture of your hand so that it is unique to YOU. 

3. Learn how to use a locker

How do key-less lockers work? Anyone in an orange or blue polo can show you how to keep your belongings safe! (Follow us on Snapchat @UFRecSports for how-to tips like this!)

4. Get a free fitness assessment

Every semester, you get two free fitness assessments to keep track of your health. Choose between Health & Wellness, Strength, and Athletic Performance. Click the link to schedule yours now!

5. Take a look at the group fitness schedule

We offer over six formats of classes: Cardio, Cycling, Mind/Body, Outdoor, Dance, and Strength. These are all FREE and fun! Check out the link to find the class for you!

6. Ask a Fitness Associate how the equipment works 

Don’t hurt yourself! If you see a new machine in the weight room or cardio space that you’re unsure of how to use, don’t be afraid to ask us how it works! We update machines to optimize your fitness developments with the latest technology.

7. Use the functional space

In the cardio area, you’ll find free weights, foam rollers, stretching equipment, and more. We even have a TRX system on the second floor in Southwest Rec. You’ll find everything you need to fit any workout!

8. Download the RainOut Line app

Gainesville quickly becomes “Rainsville,” despite intramurals, swim lessons, and other outdoor activities scheduled. Stay updated with the RainOut Line app to know whether these outdoor activities are postponed.

9. Play a game of racquetball

Racquetball is a fun way to warm up for your workout! The Southwest Rec equipment room, and Student Rec front desk have all of the equipment you need available for checkout with your UFID number. 

10. Ask about outdoor activities

We offer outdoor equipment available for checkout, as well as areas for you to play! Southwest Rec has tennis, softball, and sand volleyball facilities. Student Rec and Fitness Center has the Florida Pool, and Broward Outdoor Rec Complex has tennis, volleyball, basketball, hockey, skateboarding, and more!

- Carter Page, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant