Fitness Assessments for all Mobility Levels

  Sep 24   Fitness, News

Want more insight to your fitness routine? Get the most out of your gym experience by signing up for your free fitness assessment.

So, why get a fitness assessment? Here’s our take on the four main reasons why you should: 

1. A Fitness Assessment is a great opportunity to set specific goals and get one-on-one time with a wellness appraiser. All of our wellness appraisers are certified Personal Trainers, and can help you debunk fitness myths. 

2. Fitness assessments help you gain general health awareness by testing skills like mobility, strength, aerobic capacity, and everything in between! 

3. With each fitness assessment, you learn to hold yourself more accountable to your fitness progress! 

4. And most importantly, fitness assessments help identify what changes can be made to your routine to optimize each workout. 

The Training Center at Southwest Recreation Center now offers two new fitness assessments:

  1. The Adaptive Fitness Assessment provides an assessment for people with limited mobility. This assessment includes a functional reach test, shoulder mobility, push test, and more. 
  2. The Build Your Own Assessment allows you to mix and match elements from different fitness assessment styles to create a personalized assessment crafted to align with your health goals.

Sold! So, what do I do next?

Signing up is easy! Fill out this form from our website to be cleared for the assessment. If cleared for physical activity, you will be contacted by the Training Center to set up your appointment. For more info:

- Carter Page, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant