Get major health benefits from Olympic Weightlifting

  May 11   Fitness

Do you know about the health benefits that come with lifting weights?

Keep calm and make some gains in this summer’s weightlifting clinics so you can continue to strengthen your overall health!

The Olympic weightlifting clinics train participants on the proper techniques for clean-and-jerk and snatch movements.

These explosive, fast exercises will result in more than just rock solid muscles.  With heavy lifting comes improvement to your metabolism since muscles still burn calories after this kind of workout.

Olympic weightlifting also has long-term benefits on your functionality, meaning daily activities, like carrying groceries, become less of an effort.

Even if you prefer team sports, Olympic weightlifting is still in your best interest. Many of the same hip, knee, and ankle movements in weightlifting are also found in various sports.  Becoming stronger in these movements increases your agility and power performance when you play.

The Beginner Weightlifting Clinic will be held this Sunday, May 14, at SWRC from 8am-10am.  If you’ve already attended the beginner clinic, continue to develop your technique at the Intermediate Weightlifting Clinic on Sunday, June 4.

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-Taylor Norberg, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant