How Our Athletic Trainers Keep Gators in Motion

  Mar 19   News

Ever wonder who’s in charge of responding to the injuries of RecSports’ athletes? 

While I thought of Athletic Trainers (ATs) being on the sideline of an intramural sports game, Meghan Yokem, Graduate Assistant for Athletic Training, explained to me that ATs are now emerging in new environments such as gyms or fire stations.

“This is because all active people are prone to injury and we’re here to make sure they can keep doing what they love,” she said. 

RecSports’ Athletic Trainers are CPR/First-Aid certified, specialize in muscular and skeletal analysis, and well-informed about concussions.

You, or any Gator, are welcome to ask the ATs questions when you see them unoccupied.  And if you follow our #ATTuesdays hashtag on Twitter, you’ll find the tips they have for injury treatment and prevention!

Our ATs primarily work with intramural sport and sport club participants. For intramural sports, they check field and weather conditions as a preventative procedure to make sure the playing environment is safe. In case of an emergency injury, ATs refer players to advanced care as needed. High-risk sport club games, like soccer or rugby matches, are monitored by an Athletic Trainer at all times. Sport club athletes may also attend clinic hours during the week to check up on existing injuries and do rehab exercises.  

AT helping athlete 

(Photo Above: AT Grace Browning assists in pre-game operations, such as wrapping, and stays throughout the game to treat injured athletes as they happen.)

"We're there for the whole process," Meghan told me. While other health professions participate in reactive treatment, Athletic Trainers follow an injured athlete through their recovery period, and up until they are ready to get back in the game.

Our ATs are nationally certified under the ​National Athletic Training Association by passing their Board of Certification exams and have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. On behalf of the RecSports staff, Happy National Athletic Trainer’s Month to Meghan and all the ATs that keep Gators living in motion!

-Taylor Norberg, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant