New RecSports Dietitian offers nutrition services and redefines ‘dieting’

  Feb 24   News, Nutrition

She grows her own garden, loves to buy local and harvests veggies for her pet rabbit. My friend Jessie Furman, UF RecSports’ new Registered Dietitian, turns wholesome eating into a lifestyle philosophy.

“I’m an anti-diet dietitian,” Jessie told me. “My approach is to educate you on nutrition and then we establish the goals you want to reach. We come up with a lifestyle for you, not just a ‘diet plan’.”

Jessie is now inspiring the UF community to seek positive and healthy eating habits.  She shares her knowledge through one-on-one nutrition consultations, group presentations and cooking tutorials she shares via the UF RecSports Snapchat account.

The one-on-one nutrition consultations are fee-based appointments offered to anyone who has a RecSports membership.  The sessions are pay-as-you-go, meaning you might only schedule one to receive advice from Jessie or meet over a period of time as you are working towards your set goal.

Jessie also loves to present on nutritional wellness in front of groups.  An organization can ask her to come speak on a nutrition topic of their choice; the presentation consists of a lecture and a follow up Q&A.

With her services now available, Jessie is excited to make an impact on the UF community.

“Whether you’re training for an event, want to support your mental health or want to just feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing -- it all starts with what you put into your body,” Jessie explained.

Visit the Training Center at Southwest Recreation Center, or call (352)-273-2421 to sign up!

*Rates for one-on-one Nutrition Counseling are as follows:

Initial Session $75.00

Follow-up Session $40.00

3 Session Package $150.00

5 Session Package $230.00

*Effective as of Feb. 1, 2017

- Taylor Norberg, UF RecSports Operations Supervisor