November Club of the Month- Women’s Volleyball Prepares for Upcoming Spring Season

  Dec 4

It’s been such a blast highlighting our club of the month Women’s Volleyball. With a total of 30 team members on this Division 1A team ranging from freshmen to seniors, they demonstrate athletic fierceness on and off the court.

This past fall season, the girls became champions at the UF home tournament competing against schools such as UCF, FSU and USF. Coincidentally, our team was so good in this tournament Team A and Team B played against each other in the finals this October, dominating against all the rest. This was the first time this has ever happened to the UF club volleyball team.

The split is into two teams based on experience, team A and team B. Both teams practice on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11 p.m. at Florida gym, a late-night call that sounds daunting to the non-night owl, 9:30 bedtime type of students. Their third practice is on Sunday from 6-8 p.m.

Taylor Lineberger, fourth-year student and president of the team, believes their triumphs come from “the strong foundation of veteran seniors and the large amount of freshmen.”

“To have 6 seniors in the club that have played all 4 years. We’ve all learned so much throughout the different seasons and have been able to really apply it this season by being really effective leaders,” said Lineberger.

“We have a large group of freshmen this year and they’ve really bought into the program,” Lineberger said. “That has a lot to do with the diligence and dedication of the officers as well, but the freshmen have been eager.”

Vanessa Davila, freshman from Tampa, Florida, is designated Volunteer Chair which is what Lineberger believes to be the hardest position due to the responsibility of allocating volunteer opportunities and keeping the team responsible of their volunteering points and hours.

As a club and a community of female teammates, the girls volunteer at various organizations in Gainesville. At the local Humane Society, team members will organize their thrift store and give attention to the playful pets of the shelter. At the Ronald McDonald House, team members will bake cookies for the people that live in the houses. At Girls Place, an after school care program from elementary to high school, the team teaches young students volleyball.

In order to pay for their traveling costs, the members of the team get creative. They fundraise in the fall primarily through Letter Drives in which they send letters to potential sponsors (think friends, family, businesses etc.) In the spring, they have fundraising nights at local restaurants such as Sweetberries.

The members of the team begin fundraising from September all the way until the end of the season in April. Currently, members of the team are trying to facilitate new and creative ways to fundraise such as a car wash or Blaze pizza fundraising nights.

The team is excited and ready for spring semester to arrive. With this year’s occurrence of the national tournament in Denver, Colorado. There is a lot for the team to look forward to in the upcoming season. The team’s biggest goal is to keep their prestigious D1A position.

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Sophia and Syd

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