Feb 10   News, CORE

It will be sunny, warm and clear this weekend, the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.  Since you’ve been deep into your schoolwork, jobs, and involvement, I’m going to plan a sweet day trip for you that will take the stress away.

Here’s the deal…  About an hour south of here is a little slice of heaven called Silver Springs State Park.  The crystal clear water of this spring is 72 degrees all year!  Grab some snorkeling gear and view it from below the surface. Challenge yourself to dive as deep as you can, or just float on the surface and watch all the activity around you.  Swimming not your thing? Well, you’re in luck.  They have glass bottom boats.  That’s right.  GLASS BOTTOM BOATS.  It’s like riding around on a giant, motorized piece of glass so you get an epic view of life under water. 

Are you a history buff?  Cool, me too.  And Silver Springs is packed with history.  In fact, tourists have been visiting this spring since 1860!  Major movies have been filmed there, like Tarzan (1930 - 1950) and Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954).  The spring was also home to another park called Paradise Park, which was designated “for colored people only” from 1949 – 1969.  During the times of segregation, Paradise Park was a thriving recreational haven for the Black community. 

If you want to visit Silver Springs State Park, a few supplies can enhance your visit. CORE has plenty of equipment you can rent! I’m talking about hammocks, chairs, coolers and even snorkeling sets. Please don’t go to Silver Springs without a snorkeling set! Trust me. Paradise awaits.

- Jackie Matthews – Coordinator, Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE)