RecSports collabs with GatorWell to help students excel

  Jun 6   News

RecSports is an important partner of GatorWell, as we both strive to integrate our health initiatives with other departments on campus. 

Recently, GatorWell has collaborated with our registered dietitian, Jessie, by inviting her to host nutrition counseling sessionsat their location in the Reitz Union on Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Jessie promotes a healthy eating lifestyle by meeting with her clients and creating a nutritional plan based on their overall health goals. Jessie at Group Nutrition Presentation

The C.H.A.N.G.E.S. program, held at RecSports, is another collaboration program with GatorWell. This unique group experience allows participants to receive health education, group workouts and a strong support system to help them achieve their wellness goals.  GatorWell also sponsors RecSports events such as Midnight Fun Run, and they regularly table at SWRC during the week!

Joel Axon, Marketing and Communications Specialist for GatorWell, told me, “People are realizing that the ability to perform their best is determined by health habits and how they take care of themselves.” He explained that GatorWell uses scientific research to show us how exercise enhances student success.   

GatorWell’s goal is to educate, empower and coach students to make healthy, preventative decisions before they have to seek treatment. GatorWell focuses on sexual health, substance abuse, society influences, eating habits, sleeping habits, stress and time management. The GatorWell team believes that students can reach their fullest potential by nurturing their overall health.

“GatorWell strives to enhance student quality of life by promoting wellness and fostering a vibrant campus community for student success,” Joel said.

They are expanding the reach of their health messaging by providing access to student health programs all over campus. GatorWell hopes to not only spread the physical locations of their programs even further, but also broaden the number of organizations with which they partner. 

The RecSports community is proud to collaborate with GatorWell because we both believe that activity promotes overall health and academic achievement!