Recsports Offers Bike Repair and Air Station

  Aug 19

Free, do-it-yourself bicycle maintenance available at Southwest Recreation Center

Southwest Recreation Center (SWRC) has installed a Dero Fixit service station now available for use. The Fixit is a heavy-duty, outdoor bike stand with tools needed to carry out basic bicycle repairs and maintenance. 

Screwdrivers, an assortment of wrenches, and tire levers are on the Fixit's included tool list and are securely tethered to the repair station by a length of tough cable.

A Dero Air Kit 2—a sturdy air pump made for intense daily use by passing cyclists—has also been installed and is mounted next to the Fixit service station.

The repair station and air pump are both located next to the bike racks near the southeast corner of SWRC located at 3150 Hull Road.