Small Group Training Makes Working Out a Blast

  Oct 6   Fitness

As a fellow fitness junkie, I wanted to know what the Small Group Training hype was all about. I attended a Cross Training session last week to find out firsthand – and I was not disappointed!

We were allowed to blast our own songs in the studio, so I requested some rock music to get in the zone!

I had no idea what was in store, but showed up to Southwest Rec Center’s personal training studio to meet our instructor, Matt, and two others in the class. The group meets every week to do an hour-long workout. The workout was personalized in that it was structured around our fitness goals.  

Matt showed us the proper form for certain exercises so we could avoid injuries and get the most out of the movements!

We started with dynamic stretching then moved to strength training workouts. Everything was catered to us! We picked the music, received advice from Matt and decided which muscle groups we wanted the workouts to target. During our breaks, we cracked plenty of jokes with each other. That made the hour fly by!

Matt made sure we were giving each workout 110%. The next morning I was sore in muscle areas I didn’t even know I had!

Not only did I learn new exercises that I can do at home, but also how to use TRX straps and foam rollers, which can be found in our facilites for use. 

For an extra challenge we used vibrator plates, which are only in the training studio.  I learned that the vibrator plate transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second, which tires your muscles out faster. Safe to say, I was REALLY feeling this workout the next morning!

Matt demonstrating how to use vibrator plates.

Matt had us end with a core-burning circuit and a push-up competition. We cooled down to some classic ‘90s music and then used the vibrator plates for a quick massage.

We competed against each other and cheered for one another, which can’t be done when working out alone!

Now I can say I have laughed, learned and pushed myself through an awesome Small Group Training class – and it won’t be my last! To try it yourself, you can attend a Small Group Training Demo Session for FREE. All Small Group Training information is on our website at!

-Taylor Norberg, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant