Small Group Training: The Future of the Workout Experience

  Feb 13   Fitness

Did you know RecSports offers a new dimension of fitness by merging Group Fitness with Personal Training? It’s called Small Group Training and it’s awesome!

Classes focus on workouts for 3-12 participants, so all you have to do is get a group of friends together for a personalized, motivational workout with an instructor. You’ll be challenged no matter your fitness level and the atmosphere makes for friendly competition.

The classes offered, which start on Feb. 27, are Cross Training, Inversion Yoga, Olympic Lifting and Flying Yoga (I have my eye on Cross Training). If those four choices don’t suit you, you can even gather 3 or more friends to form your own Small Group Training arrangement. The classes meet regularly throughout the semester, which means you’ll always have something to look forward to during your week.  Fees are separate from your gym membership, meaning nonmembers can also pay to join!

To find out if Small Group Training is what you’ve been searching for, the upcoming demo week allows you to attend any of the classes without charge. Each class will have a 30-minute demo session every day from Feb. 20-23. I’ve already checked out the full schedule and registered online at

- Taylor Norberg, RecSports Operations Supervior