Summer in Iceland

  Jul 10   Outdoors

Our Iceland TRiP participants are prepping for their international adventure, and I can’t help but wish I were going, too!

Leading the trip with their expertise and hysterical antics, CORE’s dynamic duo, Amber Larkin and Jackie Matthews, told me about what the participants are in for.

“The scenes we’ll be hiking through sound like they’re straight out of a folk tale,” Amber tells me. “I’m thinking about bringing some old legends to read around the campfire!”

The backpackers will be trekking from campsite to campsite through volcanic landscapes, pockets of resting steam, glaciers and vast countrysides.

Jackie, who has traveled to Iceland twice before, tells me, “At one point, the labyrinth of volcanic rocks makes you think you’re walking on the moon.”

During the 10-day excursion, they plan on plunging into hot springs, exploring caves, meeting other travelers, hiking challenging routes, and hanging out with sheep!

The participants were advised to pack clothes for 40- to 60-degree weather and to bring a sleeping mask because the sun only goes down for about four hours each day.

“One of the [participants] coming saw the Iceland TRiP ad on the TV at Southwest Rec and just knew he had to sign up; it was that easy,” Amber tells me.

Their trip starts on July 21, but stay tuned for updates from the trip and a complete photo album of their journey!

-Taylor Norberg, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant