The Quest for the Championship Tee

  Sep 20   Intramural Sports

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wear the most exclusive t-shirt UF offers? I interviewed recent Intramural champions about what it took for them to win the Intramurals Champions t-shirt.

Taylor Norberg: So how does your team know each other?

Federico Cunha, Soccer, Team Sporting FC: We’ve been playing together for two years, but the team has actually been active in the Intramural league since 2001.

TN: Was your team super competitive or naturally gifted?

Eric Heubusch, Ultimate Frisbee, Team Canadian Bacon Rosters: Even though everyone likes to win, I feel like Intramurals are a situation where people can come try new sports or play with friends without much being on the line.

 Canadian Bacon Rosters Co-Ed Summer B team loving their new t-shirts!

(Pictured: Canadian Bacon Rosters Co-Ed Summer B team loving their new t-shirts!)

Joanne Bartley, Soccer, Team Sporting FC: Our team had two goals- to play hard and to win. With every loss and victory each player was equally devastated or equally pumped.

Katherine McConnell, Soccer, Team Sporting FC: You could tell we had all played soccer for a long time and we learned how to work together quickly.

Federico Cunha: We are more in it for the competition. 

TN: Can you spill your secret to success?

Federico Cunha: We do well because we have some older experienced players and a few young talented ones, so it gives us a good balance.

Pictured: Sporting FC Co-Ed Summer B team claiming their well-deserved IM t-shirts.

(Pictured: Sporting FC Co-Ed Summer B team claiming their well-deserved IM t-shirts.)

TN: Did playing Intramural games add to your stress as a student or help you get away from it?

Eric Heubusch: In the cluster of the school week it was nice to finish the day with Intramural ultimate!

Katherine McConnell: Intramural soccer is always such a nice way to take a mental break from school work even when it’s 10 p.m. and you have a test the next day!

Federico Cunha: Most of us used to play soccer [as teenagers] so winning Intramurals helps us not to miss that too much.

TN: And lastly, what does it feel like to be a champion?

Eric Heubusch: Personally I had come close a couple of times to winning the t-shirt but fell short. This past summer was my last opportunity and it was very gratifying to finally win!

Joanne Bartley: The shirt is a symbol of our passion and commitment to the sport and each other during the season.

Whether you play to win or just to try a new sport RecSports has Intramurals leagues for everyone! Registration can be located under the “Sports” tab of our website, our leagues start in the beginning or middle of each semester.

-Taylor Norberg, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant