Train for Midnight Fun Run!

  Mar 31   Fitness

Midnight Fun Run is right around the corner! Are you going to train for it? You can track your current fitness status at the Fitness Assessment Center!

The Fitness Assessment Center is inside Southwest Rec, and offers free 30-minute sessions for MFR participants. 

Midnight Fun Run is a 5k loop through campus, so the assessment looks at your heart rate and blood pressure, your body composition, and your VO2 levels (or your body’s ability to consume oxygen) during a treadmill test.

“The goal is to show participants where they lie in regards to cardiovascular fitness and give them tips and tricks to bring that number higher in order to perform better when they run the [race],” Jason O’Dowd from the Fitness Assessment Center told me.

It’s a simple equation really. Handling oxygen efficiently means you’ll run faster. Running faster means you’ll school your friends in something other than grades.

You can become a serious competitor by understanding how your body works.

The Midnight Fun Run is RecSports’ biggest event of the year, and is open to any UF Gator1 cardholder and their guests.  While races are always about trying your best, the purpose of the Midnight Fun Run is to celebrate our year together. Participants can feel proud of the work they put into this school year and the run!

Every runner will receive a MFR t-shirt before the event and an awesome breakfast afterwards.

The race will be held on April 19 at 11:59pm - a deadline you won’t have to dread for once. You can register here by April 12 to secure your spot in the race!

See you there!

- Taylor Norberg, UF RecSports Operations Supervisor