What is Outdoor Recreation?

  Feb 3   Outdoors

So I’ve been thinking more about what Outdoor Recreation is.  First, let’s define Recreation:  an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.  That’s simple enough.  I can think of a million things I’d love to do for enjoyment!  It is quite broad, indeed.  It includes activities like exercise, sports, nature walks, hanging around in hammocks and even sightseeing.  So, what happens when you add Outdoor to Recreation?  Typically, Outdoor Recreation takes place outside of buildings or built facilities, on large areas of land, water or air, and/or in areas of predominantly unmodified landscape.  Generally, the goal of Outdoor Recreation is to enjoy a form of recreation with the added element of nature connection.  

Outdoor Recreation can be experienced with differing levels of immersion into pristine or wilderness environments; or away from built environments and convenient amenities.  Outdoor recreation can also be experienced with varying levels of physical activity.  It can be as simple as walking outside and watching the clouds drift through the sky, or more involved, like kayaking off-shore to a remote island.  Choose your adventure! 

Is off-road, trail biking a form of outdoor recreation?  Yes!  Is birdwatching a form of outdoor recreation?  Yes!  What about flying a kite?  Yes!  My point is that outdoor recreation and the ability to connect with nature is accessible to everyone.  There are no rules, experience or dress code required.  If you need advice on anything Outdoor Recreation related, you can always visit the CORE building or Lake Wauburg to enhance your experience. 

A few pieces of advice:  respect wildlife, respect each other, respect the land, and give your cell phone a break.

Have fun out there!

- Jackie Matthews, Coordinator - Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE)