Your RecSports’ Guide to Holiday Fitness

  Dec 8   Fitness, Nutrition

Want to keep up with your workouts over the holidays? Our Strength and Conditioning graduate assistants, Megan Engel and Hannah Hutchison, gave me some tips on what you can do during Winter Break!

Opt for calisthenics exercises

“Calisthenics is the easiest way to keep moving,” Megan told me. “Calisthenics is basically functional training, meaning you don’t use weights. You can use logs, stairs, gravity and body weight to your advantage!”

Focusing on calisthenics when you don't have extra weight can help you learn to use your strength outside of the very controlled movements you would do in the weight room.

“Functionality is trained through less traditional equipment,” Megan explained to me. 

“Group fitness classes are [another] good way to learn new movements and exercises for your calisthenics workouts,” Hannah added. 

Calisthenics are movements such as pushing, pulling, lunging or jumping with little or no weight in tow. 

What if you love to feast during the holidays?

“Food is a big part of the holidays,” Hannah told me. “You shouldn't feel guilty about indulging in food.”

When you avoid overeating or feeling guilty, you can focus on enjoying the taste and satisfaction. This way you can savor the food, but also tell when you’re getting full.

Making your New Year’s Resolutions last

The idea of exercising to lose weight is actually not very maintainable. “Your mindset should be more like, I'm doing this for my overall wellbeing and health or because I want to,” Megan advises. 

“Goals often get dropped once life picks up after the holidays; but if you find something you actually enjoy, take gradual steps, [and] you are more likely to see your efforts succeed. Choose something fun that makes you feel good and then go from there,” she said.


RecSports offers personal trainers, clinics, and group fitness classes that give professional instruction on how to exercise effectively.

If you're transitioning into the gym after the new year, try our Beginner’s Olympic Lifting Clinic to learn proper techniques and exercises needed for successful weight training.

Thanks for spending another semester and year in motion with us! Remember to check our website for our Winter Break hours and Happy Holidays, Gators!

-Taylor Norberg, UF RecSports Marketing Assistant