Outdoor Skills Workshops

Spring 2019 Outdoor Skills Workshop Schedule

Registration opens on January 17th at 9am (online, in-person, and over the phone). 

Gain some useful outdoor skills! You'll leave our workshops feeling more empowered and prepared to get out there on your own. 

Have any questions? Call us at 352.294.1040 or visit at 1441 Bledsoe Drive.

LWNS = Lake Wauburg North Shore

LWSS = Lake Wauburg South Shore

PoA = Plaza of the Americas






January 26th

10:00AM-1:00PMSailing 101LWNS$19
January 29th6:00-8:30PMOutdoor Adventures 101CORE$9
January 31st6:00-8:00PMFire Building and S'moresLWSS$9
February 5th6:00-7:30PMKNOT Your Average ClassCORE$6
February 7th6:00-8:00PMLip Smackin Backpakin MealsCORE$15
February 12th7:00-8:30PMGym to Crag: Your First Climbing TripCORE$8
February 16th10:00AM-1:00PM

Sailing 101

February 21-22nd6:00PM-8:00AMIntro to Camping at Lake WauburgLWSS$27
March 12th6:00-7:30PMNavigating with Map & CompassCORE$6
March 16th10:00AM-1:00PMSailing 101LWNS$19
March 17th1:00-3:00PMKayaking 101LWNS$13
March 19th5:30-8:00PMIntro to BoulderingLWSS$8
March 23rd1:00-3:00PMStand Up Paddleboarding 101LWNS$13
March 26th5:30-8:00PMIntro to Rock ClimbingLWSS$13
April 2nd5:00-7:00PMLearn How to SlacklinePoA$8
April 6th1:00-3:00PMKayaking 101LWNS$13
April 13th10:00AM-1:00PMSailing 101LWNS$19
April 14th1:00-3:00PMStand Up Paddleboarding 101LWNS


May 4th-12thTBDWilderness First Responder CertificationCORE & LWSS$600