Fall 2018 Outdoor Skills Workshops

Take your pick! We have workshops on Camping Confidence, Planning Your Own Trip, Rock Climbing Fundamentals, Water Sports, and more!

(LW = Lake Wauburg , CORE = Center for Outdoor Recreation & Education)

WorkshopCostMeeting LocationDateTimeDescription
1. Learn to Sail$19LW North Shore9/8, 10/7, or 11/1010:00am

Want to learn how to use the sail boats at Lake Wauburg? Come out to the lake and let's get to it! Duration: 3 Hours

2. Learn Useful Knots$7CORE9/116:00pmWhy be Naked & Afraid when you could be Clothed & Confident? Come learn some crucial knots for your next outdoor adventure. Duration: 1.5 Hours

3. Plan Your Own Backpacking Trip

$7CORE9/187:00pmDo you want to take your own adventure into the wilderness, but aren't sure where to start? Our TRiP Leaders provide tips and tricks to stay safe and have fun in the outdoors. Duration: 1.5 Hours
4. Intro to Rock Climbing$13LW South Shore9/255:00pm

Get a crash course in the history and styles of rock climbing and then hop on the wall yourself! This workshop includes ground school, climbing time, and an optional belay check-out. Duration: 3 Hours

5. Navigating with Map and Compass$7CORE10/26:00pm

Why be Naked & Afraid when you could be Clothed & Confident? Get a hands-on lesson on how to navigate safely in the outdoors. Who needs GPS?! Duration: 1.5 Hours

6. Intro to Bouldering

$8LW South Shore10/95:00pmLove to climb but hate the heights? You're not alone! Come get some beginner and intermediate tips to improve your technique and movement while bouldering. Duration: 2 Hours                                
7. Camping With Confidence! $27LW South Shore10/11- 10/125:00pmWhy be Naked & Afraid when you could be Clothed & Confident? This beginner-friendly camping trip will introduce you to all of the skills you need to feel ready to camp on your own! Duration: 17 Hours
8. Plan Your Own Paddling Trip $7CORE10/167:00pm

The Suwannee and Santa Fe Rivers are adventures waiting to happen! Learn what it takes to plan your own kayaking or canoeing trip. Duration: 1.5 Hours 

9. Delicious and Nutritious Camping Food$8CORE10/237:00pmWant to go camping and not have to eat ramen and peanut butter the whole time? Come learn how to create a delicious and nutritious menu and take a stab at cooking on various camping stoves. Duration: 1.5 Hours 

10. Fire Building and S'mores

$9LW South Shore10/306:00pmWhy be Naked & Afraid when you could be Clothed & Confident? Keep yourself warm by learning how to build a fire in the backcountry. S'mores included! Duration: 2 Hours 
11. Gym to Crag: Your First Climbing Trip$7CORE11/67:00pmDo you love climbing in the gym or at the climbing wall, but you're ready to climb some real rocks? Learn how to gauge your preparedness and mitigate the risk of climbing outdoors. Duration: 1.5 Hours 
12. Experiential Facilitation Skills$8CORE11/137:00pmDo you want to be a more engaging leader? Come learn some activities to get people excited! Duration: 1.5 Hours
13. Learn to Kayak$9LW North Shore9/16, 10/13, or 11/111:00pmWant to feel more comfortable in a kayak? Come out to Lake Wauburg's North Shore to get some tips to better handle your boat! Duratoin: 2 Hours
14. Learn to Stand-Up Paddleboard$9LW North Shore9/9 or 10/141:00pm Have you ever been SUPping before? Come out to Lake Wauburg's North Shore and learn new tips and tricks to enjoy your time on the water! Duratoin: 2 Hours
15. Learn to Slackline$8LW South Shore9/29, 10/23, or 11/274:00PM

Have you ever heard of slacklining? Come out to Lake Wauburg's South Shore and give it a try! Duratoin: 2 Hours