From knot tying to constellations to outdoor leadership, CORE has workshops for you to learn or experience something new.

WorkshopCostMeeting LocationDateTimeDescription
1. Make Your Own Exfoliating Face Wash$15CORE2/6/20186:30 P.M.

Dirty face?  Make your own face wash and clean up! Duration: 1.5 Hours

2. Tie the Knot: a Valentine's Day Workshop$6CORE2/13/20186:30 P.M.

Yikes?  Nah, just come learn some practical knots in this hands-on workshop. Duration: 1.5 Hours

3. Learn How to Plan a Backpacking Trip$6CORE3/13/20186:30 P.M.

Ready to get out there?  Learn the basics so you can be prepared. Duration: 1.5 Hours

4. Learn How to Roll a Kayak$15CORE3/30/2018TBD

What is rolling a sea kayak, you ask?  It's such a cool skill and it's really fun to learn. Duration: 2 Hours

5. Make Your Own Sunscreen$15CORE4/3/20186:30 P.M.

Is that a sunburn or are you just happy to see me?  It's probably the sun, so protect yourself with homemade sunscreen! Duration: 1.5 Hours

6. Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Course$600CORE5/5-13/2018TBDWilderness First Responder (WFR) is the industry standard for backcountry trip leaders, camp counselors, mountain guides, river guides, and ski guides. This course is also great for people curious to learn more about emergency response in remote location. Duration: 9 Days