Registration Process

Create an Intramural Team on Fusion IM---

  1. Visit .
  2. Click “Fusion IM” under the Intramural Sports dropdown found in the “Sports” tab.
  3. Log in on the upper right corner using Gatorlink account.
  4. Select the “[Intramurals/Fusion IM]” option.
  5. Click “Register” to create a team or register as a free agent.
  6. Filter days and times of the week based on availability to play.
  7. Filter by sports and leagues on the left column.
  8. Select desired division and click “Register”.
  9. Choose to create a team or register as a player and fill out the prompt.
  10. After the captain’s quiz and waiver is completed, teams will be created and added to the schedule.

Add players to team roster:

  1. Click “pending roster".
  2. Select “Invite Player” OR “Invite Co-Captain” OR “Browse Free Agents”.
  3. When selecting “Invite Player”: Search by email or Gator1 ID number. Click “Add,” to compile list of players and then click “Send Invitations”.
  4. When selecting “Invite Co-Captain”: Search by email or Gator1 ID number.
  5. When selecting “Browse Free Agents”: Create a list by selecting “Add” next to the name of the desired players. Once completed, click “Send Invitations”.

Register as a free agent:

  1. Click the dashed lines in the upper left corner next to the RecSports logo.
  2. Find a team to join by clicking “Find a Team” under the Fusion IM dropdown.
  3. “Request to Join” by selecting the team that you would like to play with.
  4. Team captains can view player profiles on the Free Agent list and send a request to add players to a team. Players receive an email notification when a captain sends a request. Follow the link to accept or decline the invitation.