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M.S. Human Performance

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association ™ Certified Personal Trainer
  • ViPR™
  • Power Plate®
  • Kinesis
  • Weight loss
  • Strength & Hypertrophy
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sport Performance Enhancement
  • Functional Movement
Philosophy on Exercise and Well-Being

Achieving and maintaining a high level of health and functional ability should be among everyone’s highest priorities. We have only this life, and both how long it lasts and the enjoyment we get out of it are directly affected by health and wellness, physical capabilities and appearance. Proper exercise is a requirement for living the longest, happiest life possible and realizing your full human potential.

Interests & Hobbies
  • Sports - especially Rugby & Ultimate Frisbee
  • Reading
  • Outdoor Recreation - fishing, surfing, biking, etc.
  • Rock climbing
  • Traveling