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Name:  Makala Furse

Major: Law

Birthday: December 6th


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED/ First Aid Certified


  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Athletic Performance Conditioning
  • High Intensity Interval Training

”Fitlosophy” – Philosophy of Exercise & Wellbeing:

I believe that exercise should not be something that we dread doing or use as a punishment for ourselves. Instead, we should use exercise as celebrating our body’s abilities because we are capable of so much . Fitness can be fun, but it is all about finding an activity that you enjoy. My goal with every client is to find workouts that they look forward to doing. When people fall in love with fitness as opposed to viewing it as a chore, it becomes easier and more sustainable. There is a mental aspect to fitness in addition to the physical; and my focus with clients is to address both of those areas so that they can not only reach their own specific goals, but make a long-term lifestyle change. I look forward to helping every client embark on this journey and fall in love with fitness as I have through my own experience.

Interests & Hobbies:  

  • CrossFit
  • Lifting Weights
  • Reading
  • Hiking
  • Spending time with friends/family
  • Music