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RecSports Personal Trainer Since: Spring 2018


Nutritional Science, Pre-Med Track


  • PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer
  • PowerPlate Certified
  • American Heart Association CPR/AED/First Aid

Area(s) of Professional Focus

  • Muscular hypertrophy
  • Strength training
  • Weight loss
  • General health and wellness

Philosophy of Exercise & Wellbeing

Exercise should be something you enjoy, not an activity you dread. There are many ways to exercise and I think it’s important to help clients find what works best for them. Exercise does more for people than just improve their physical appearance; it builds self-confidence and improves performance in all aspects of life. As a trainer, I strive to help clients discover workouts they love and to promote self-empowerment and sustainability, so exercise can become part of their lifestyle. I love to work with beginners and experienced gym-goers alike, helping everyone feel more comfortable with their workouts, use proper technique, and learn new exercises.

Interests & Hobbies

  • Cooking and eating
  • Lifting weights
  • Running stadiums
  • Going for walks
  • Learning about science