Cypress Lodge and Pavilion Policies

General Policies

  1. Groups of more than 30 people must contact the Lake Wauburg staff for event approval at least 2 weeks prior to their attendance.
  2. Groups of 15 or more wishing to have exclusive use of the Cypress Lodge, North Park or South Shore Pavilions must make a reservation for space in accordance with the reservation policy.
  3. No spike heels are allowed in the Cypress Lodge.

Facility Reservation Policies: Cypress Lodge and Pavilions

  1. A completed facility reservation must be on file no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to the event date.
  2. Reservations will be approved in the order that they are received, no more than one semester prior to the event.
  3. Student groups must have a total of 50 people to reserve the Cypress Lodge and the Pavilions on the weekends. All student groups must have 35 or more current A&S fee paying students to hold a reservation at no charge.
  4. Monday- Friday reservations for the Cypress Lodge and pavilions are open to all groups.
  5. Saturday and Sunday reservations for the Cypress Lodge and pavilions are only available to student groups.
  6. On the reservation date, if the number of students in the group varies by more than 10 people, a $50 service charge will be assigned to the student account of the group member responsible for the reservation.
  7. Cancellation of reservations and no shows will result in a cancellation charge being assigned to the person responsible for the reservation. Cancellations must be submitted via email.
  8. Non-UF organizations must submit a non-refundable $50 deposit before their reservation will be confirmed.
  9. Organizations are responsible for returning tables to original places, cleaning and placing trash in the containers provided. A minimum charge of $100 will be assessed to the group leader for non-compliance.
  10. Special event liability insurance may be required.

Lake Wauburg Facility Pricing Guidelines

Pricing Non-Operational Hours
Cypress LodgeSingle PavilionWatercraft Package (Kayak/Canoe/Peddleboat)*†South Shore FieldSwim Area*†Portable Grill (Daily Rental)†
Faculty, Staff, Affiliates$80$30$30$30$10$20
Non-UF Organizations$100$50$40$50$15$25

All charges are per hour.
*Groups of 50 or more participants may incur additional costs.
† Only available with a lodge or pavilion rental.

Pricing Regular Hours of Operation (Tuesday-Friday)
LodgeSingle PavilionSwim AreaSouth Shore FieldPortable Grill (Daily Rental)†
StudentsNo ChargeNo ChargeNo ChargeNo Charge$15
Faculty, Staff, Affiliates$50$20No Charge$30$20
Non-UF Organizations$100$50$15$50$25

All charges are per hour.

Pricing Regular Hours of Operation (Saturday-Sunday)
LodgeSingle PavilionPortable Grill (Daily Rental)†
StudentsNo ChargeNo Charge$15
Faculty, Staff, Affiliates$50$20$20
Non-UF Organizations$100$50$25

All charges are per hour.

Cancellation/Service Charge

  • Cancellations and no shows for space reservations will result in the following penalties:

Less than 2 weeks notice/no-show:
–Students: $50 charge
–Faculty, Staff, Affiliates: 50% of cost of planned event
–Non-UF Organizations: 50% of cost of planned event
-More than 2 weeks notice:No charge

*Paid in the form of the $50 non-refundable deposit.