Park Entrance

  1. To access Lake Wauburg facilities and services, students, faculty and staff are required to present their own, valid Gator 1 Card.
  2. False identification will be confiscated. The original owner, as well as the person attempting to use the card will be suspended from all facilities pending a meeting with the Assistant Director of Lake Wauburg or his/her designee. RecSports reserves the right to turn over any confiscated identification to University ID Card Services and/or Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution.


  1. A Gator 1 cardholder may sponsor up to 4 guests.
  2. Guests are to arrive in a vehicle with the Gator 1 cardholder or in the next immediate vehicle.
  3. Guests are required to remain with their Sponsor at all times.
  4. Sponsors are responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests.
  5. Individuals seeking access to Lake Wauburg may not solicit students, faculty or staff to sponsor them as a guest.
  6. RecSports management reserves the right to refuse access to any guest.

General Policies for the park

  1. In accordance with the University’s Tobacco-Free policy, the use of any tobacco products is prohibited.
  2. Only valid Gator 1 cardholders may check out equipment.
  3. Alcohol is not permitted.
  4. Pets, with the exception of service animals, are not permitted.
  5. Fishing is allowed at Lake Wauburg with a valid State of Florida fishing license in designated areas.  Fishing is not permitted from the swim area dock and all swim
  6. Use of metal detectors is not permitted.
  7. Removal of artifacts, plants or animals is not permitted.
  8. Modes of Transportation:
    • Parking is only permitted in designated parking areas.
    • Motorized vehicles (such as mini-bikes and scooters), skateboards, and skates are restricted to main roads and designated parking areas.
    • Bicycles are restricted to mountain bike trails and main paths.
  9. Tents with ground stakes are not permitted.
  10. Playing fields and sand volleyball courts are for drop-in-use only.
  11. Attaching Objects to Trees and Structures:
    • Anchoring to buildings, bike racks, handrails, challenge course elements, fences, tables or light poles is not permitted.
    • May be affixed to trees greater than 1 foot in diameter to be used as anchor points.
    • May be affixed on a temporary basis and must be removed when not in use.
    • May not be set up within a special event zone or interfere with other guest activities.
    • Slacklining Specific:
      • Length not to exceed 40 feet.
      • Maximum height is 3 feet at the center of the span.
      • A minimum of 8 feet clearance on both sides is required.
      • Activities involving flips are not permitted.
  12. Art projects that alter facilities or landscape (without approved consent from UF Recreational Sports), such as balloons, candles, fires outside of grills, nails and tape on pavilions, posts and trees are prohibited.
  13. Disorderly conduct; dangerous, inappropriate or disruptive behavior, abuse of the facility, natural environment, equipment, or staff and/or disregard for the Recreational Sports and Lake Wauburg policies will result in immediate dismissal. Additional sanctions may include: disciplinary action, reimbursement for damages, and/or potential suspension from the facilities and programs.
  14. A participant asked to leave by RecSports staff will not be refunded any paid charges.