UF Outdoor Team Challenge Courses (UFOTCC) Reservation Policies

  1. A pre-course meeting is required prior to the scheduled reservation. Failure to attend the pre-course meeting will result in an automatic cancellation of the reservation.
  2. All Challenge Course programs are non-refundable after services have been rendered.
  3. Non-UF organizations are subject to a non-refundable security deposit before their reservation will be confirmed.
  4. Students:
    • A student group consisting of 10 – 24 participants can reserve a UFOTCC program, if available, at no charge on weekends during fall and spring semesters.
      • Groups larger than 24 participants will be assessed a charge according to the pricing structure of their program choice.
      • A minimum of 10 participants or 80% of the group members must be present at the agreed upon start time on the day of the scheduled course. Failure to meet this minimum will result in a charge as per the pricing structure.
    • Student groups requesting weekday reservations will be assessed a charge according to the pricing structure of their program choice.
  5. Lake Wauburg staff reserves the right to cancel a reservation. If a rental is shortened or cancelled by Recreational Sports or due to weather, reserving groups will be contacted regarding reschedule options or a reduction in the final rental cost.
  6. Operational Charges may be assessed as determined by the Department of Recreational Sports for the following:
    • Staffing
    • Equipment
    • Lighting
    • Technology
    • Event Set-up/Break-down
    • Administrative Costs
  7. Service Charges
    • Cancellation/No Show
      • Cancellation or amendments of the reservation must be in writing and received by Recreational Sports staff by the assigned date and time stated in the reservation and rental agreement.
      • If the group cancels after the assigned date and time, as stated in the reservation and rental agreement or no-shows, a cancellation/no-show charge will be assessed to the member or group reserving the facilities.
      • A no-show on the day of the event due to weather or unforeseen circumstances may result in the member or group being assessed a service and/or operational charge.
    • Damage/Cleaning
      •  Damage to the facility and/or equipment will result in the cost of repairs and/or replacement charged to the member or group reserving the facilities.
      • A charge will be assessed to the member or group reserving the facilities and/or equipment, if not cleaned and returned to its pre-event condition and location.
    • Failure to pay charges will result in the following:
      • Students: Charges will be placed on the student’s UF account.
      • Non-students: Charges left unpaid for more than 20 business days will be submitted to a collection agency and the user will be responsible for all collection fees.
      • Forfeiture of the privilege to reserve facilities and services until the invoice is paid.

Reservation Instructions

UFOTCC Request Form (Student)

UFOTCC Request Form (Non-UF Student)

After You Have Made a Reservation Request: Within 3 business days, the Lake Wauburg staff will contact you to gather more details about your group needs, related costs and information needed to create the service contract. The contract will be e-mailed to you to sign and return.  Once the contract is signed and received, the Lake Wauburg staff will send you a final confirmation that your reservation is on the calendar.  If you have any questions, contact rsotcc@ufsa.ufl.edu.

Reservation and Pricing