UF Outdoor Team Challenge Courses (UFOTCC) General Policies

  1. A Participant Acknowledgement of Risk, Release and Agreement form must be completed to participate.
  2. Participants may only use RecSports provided climbing equipment. Personal climbing shoes or closed-toe/heel athletic footwear is required. For users’ safety, “toe shoes” are not permitted.
  3. Food and drinks are allowed in designated UFOTCC activity areas.
  4. Climbing on any of the equipment is permitted only with direction from supervising staff members.
  5. Disorderly conduct, abuse of UF property, equipment, staff and/or disregard of RecSports and UFOTCC policies will result in immediate dismissal from the activity at the participant’s expense.
    • Additional sanctions may include: disciplinary action, reimbursement for damages, and/or potential suspension from RecSports programs and services.
    • A participant asked to leave by RecSports staff will not be refunded any paid charges.