Major/Degree Program: Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (Exercise Science)

Relevant Fitness Certifications: 

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • PowerPlate Certified
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support Certified

Training Specializations/Areas of Professional Focus:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Strength and Hypertrophy
  • Weightless
  • Exercise Motivation

“Fitlosophy” (Philosophy regarding fitness, wellness, health, etc):

Let us put the Gaines back in Gainesville. I believe that a healthy lifestyle revolves around mental, physical, and social wellness. Through personal training and exercise in general, we can move to achieve these fundamental pillars of health in order to experience a higher quality of life.

Hobbies, activities, or fun fact(s):

  • Kung Fu (Martial arts)
  • Chinese Yo-yo (Diabolo)
  • Callisthenics
  • Teaching