Major/Degree Program: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Relevant Fitness Certifications: 

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified – American Red Cross

Training Specializations/Areas of Professional Focus:

  • Resistance Training
  • Circuit/Interval Training
  • Overall Health and Wellness 

“Fitlosophy” (Philosophy regarding fitness, wellness, health, etc):

From dancing to running to weightlifting and everything in between, I spend a lot of my time exercising. I have a strong passion for fitness, love learning about human anatomy and physiology, will work in the medical device industry after graduating, and enjoy working directly with individuals to improve their quality of life. I am a strong advocate to those around me to work on implementing more physical activity into their lives to achieve the physical and mental benefits. I understand that having good health and wellness can be a challenge and I would love to be a resource to help improve this aspect of others’ lives. I know how precious life is and I want to help promote individuals taking care of their physical well-being so that they can work towards prospering in all areas of their life. 

One of the biggest values that I hope to bring to future clients is hard work and determination. From my personal experience with fitness, I understand that not every day you want to wake up and go after your goals, but it is extremely fulfilling to put forth the effort on both the good and bad days. I hope to be able to progress clients forward with their health and fitness goals no matter if they are a beginner or someone more experienced. I find it very rewarding to work with others and I would like to do everything in my ability to provide fun but challenging workout programs to empower others to achieve their personal fitness goals. 

Hobbies, activities, or fun fact(s):

  • I volunteer in the pediatric ICU at Shand’s Children’s Hospital
  • I love fashion!
  • My favorite color is gold!