Nicole Borowski

Degree Program/Major:

B.S. in Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

Relevant Fitness Certifications:  

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • ViPR FIT Trainer
  • BLS and EMR trained
  • H.H. COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Fitness/training Specializations:

  • Corrective Exercise: injury prevention/rehab, mobility, pain, posture
  • Functional Movement Training Patterns
  • General Fitness: weight-loss, body-building, strength & cardio
  • Women’s Fitness
  • Athletics: plyos, sport performance, tactical fitness


As your personal trainer, my goal is to help you reach your goals as safely and quickly as possible. I am here to educate, motivate, and inspire you to take charge of your fitness journey whether you’re a newbie in the gym or you’ve been lifting for years. I approach my training with much care and empathy as I have a high interest in the success of your goals. Expect to be pushed in the best ways possible and see much personal growth. I will always prioritize your safety, health, and wellbeing and I highly emphasize holistic wellness for best success on your journey. I believe you can eat well, look good, and train great while feeling your best. Aspire to reach your best potential and strength with me!

Hobbies or a fun fact(s):

  • I’ve played sports all my life, some of my favorites being skiing, hiking, tennis, track, gymnastics, rugby, MMA, CrossFit, and triathlons.
  • I ran my first half-marathon in the 7th grade while I was sick and made podium.
  • If I wasn’t a trainer, I’d definitely be a pro chef.
  • My first language was Polish, I’m a black cat mom, and I’ve stepped on a nail twice now.