Major/Degree Program: Business

Relevant Fitness Certifications: 

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified

Training Specializations/Areas of Professional Focus:

  • Weight loss
  • Strength training
  • Athletic Performance

“Fitlosophy” (Philosophy regarding fitness, wellness, health, etc):

I believe fitness and exercise play a huge role in a happy and healthy life. Exercise is a way to let go of stress and do something good for yourself. There is nothing like the feeling after you finish a workout! As a personal trainer, I am dedicated to helping others change their lives to become the best version of themselves. I am excited to help people improve their overall wellbeing in a fun, positive way!

Hobbies, activities, or fun fact(s):

  • Yoga
  • Travelling
  • Any outdoor activity
  • My fun fact is that I always have a smile on my face and will always make sure to bring positive energy to our sessions!
  • I also love to do fun, fitness challenges with my clients!