Registration Process

Student playing dodgeball

Registering for Intramural Sports and Navigating Fusion IM

Fusion IM is the new registration software used by the intramural sports department. You can access Fusion IM through RSConnect and logging in with your Gatorlink username and password. The how-to documents below will help you in registering for all intramural sports.

Creating and Managing Your Team(s)

Creating and/or joining a team will be one of your main tasks in Fusion IM.  The following step-by-step guide will assist you in set-up and general management of your teams!

Logging in to Fusion IM:  Know your Gatorlink username and password?  Good!  That’s all you need!  Log in through RS Connect, click “Intramurals” and you’re on your way to playing!

Create a Team:  This guide will explain how to make a new team, invite players and explain your team card.

Manage your Roster:  Once you’ve created or joined a team there are still lots of options for you to control and customize.  This guide will show you all those tips and tricks!

Fusion IM Icons

After logging in you will have a list of options to choose from. This guide will show and explain the uses of the icons you have available to you on the home screen.

Fusion IM Icons:  This list will describe and define all the options under “Intramurals” that you have to choose from!