Membership Policies

Membership Policies

  1. University of Florida students who are currently enrolled in classes and paying Activity & Service Fees are granted access to use all RecSports facilities and programs, and are considered members.
  2. The following groups are eligible to become RecSports members:
    1. Previously Enrolled Students - In a semester immediately following A&S fee payment and enrollment, former students are eligible to purchase a RecSports membership.
    2. Non-Fee Paying Students – UF students enrolled in off-book, online, distance education, residency, or other University of Florida academic programs which do not require the payment of Activity & Service Fees are eligible to purchase a RecSports membership. Innovation Academy may purchase Non-fee Paying Student memberships.
    3. UF Student Spouses/Partners – University of Florida student spouses/partners are eligible to purchase a RecSports membership.
    4. Faculty, Staff, and Affiliates and their Spouses/Partners – UF faculty, staff, and affiliates and their spouses/partners are eligible to purchase a RecSports membership.
    5. University of Florida Alumni are considered a UF affiliate.
  3. Membership is required for all participants to access Southwest Recreation Center or Student Recreation & Fitness Center.
  4. Membership is not required for Faculty, Staff, and their Spouses/Partners to access Broward Outdoor Recreation Complex, Aquatics facilities, Lake Wauburg, and the Florida Gym.
  5. Non-Fee Paying Students, Previously Enrolled Students, Innovation Academy Students, Affiliates, and guests must have a RecSports membership to access Broward Outdoor Recreation Complex and the Florida Gym.


  1. All membership charges will be refunded, if so requested, by 8 p.m. of the third business day after the membership agreement was submitted.

  2. When refunds are issued, they will be paid on a prorated basis; and, be paid only for the remainder of the term of the membership period.

  3. After the third business day, refunds will be granted under the following circumstances only:

    1. Member has separated their employment from the university

    2. Member will be moving out of the area

    3. Member has documented medical circumstances that will not allow them to use the membership

  4. A member who receives a refund must pay membership charges according to the charge schedule if he/she wishes to rejoin.

  5. A $10 processing charge will be deducted from the refund amount.

  6. No refunds will be awarded if member has been suspended due to a RecSports policy violation during current term.

  7. Single use guest passes, Personal Training, and Massage Therapy charges are not eligible for refunds.

  8. Special Event charges are not eligible for refunds. These charges include but are not limited to single day events, tournaments and races.

Any requests for refund must be submitted to