Outdoor Gear Rental

Gear Rental


CORE offers outdoor gear rental to UF students, faculty, and staff! Browse through our gear, prices, and policies below. Fill out our rental agreement to get started!

Visit: 1441 Bledsoe Drive, Gainesville, FL 32611
Email: ufcore@gmail.com

Drive-Thru Gear Rental Hours

Monday: 4pm-7pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 4pm-7pm
Friday: 4pm-7pm
Saturday: 9am-7pm
Sunday: 4pm-7pm

Canoe Package*$19$33$54$75
Tandem Kayak Package*$19$33$54$75
1-Person Kayak Package*$14$24$37$50
Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Package* [Hard & Inflatable]$14$24$37$50
Surfboard Package* [7ft, 8ft & 9ft]$14$24$37$50
Inflatable SUP Quick Car Pump$7$13$19$26
Inflatable River Inner Tube$7$13$19$26
Snorkel Set*$7$13$19$26
Boogie Board Package*$5$8$13$18
Extra PFD/Life Jacket$4$7$11$16
Extra Paddle$3$6$8$11
Dry Bag- Large$4$7$11$16
Dry Bag- Small$3$6$8$11

2-Person Tent$9$16$26$36
4-Person Tent$16$28$44$61
6-Person Tent$21$37$58$81
Backpacking Package (1 person)*$25$44$70$97
Backpacking Package (2 person)*$35$61$96$134
Car camping package (1 person)*$25$44$70$97
Car camping package (2 person)*$35$61$96$134
Camp Chair [Crazy Creek]$4$7$11$16
Eno Hammock Package*$4$7$11$16
Pot Set$4$7$11$16
Sleeping Bag - 0 Degrees $11$19$29$40
Sleeping Bag - 20 Degrees $7$13$19$26
Sleeping Bag - 40 Degrees $11$19$29$40
Sleeping Mat - Foam$4$7$11$16
Sleeping Mat - Inflatable$7$13$19$26
Stove, Backcountry,(fuel not included) (Pocket Rocket)$6$10$15$21
Stove, Front country (fuel not included)(Double Burner)$7$13$19$26
Stove Package (fuel not included)*$9$15$22$31
Trekking Poles$4$7$11$16
Water Bag (Dromedary) (5 liters)$3$6$8$11
Water Jug (Aquatainer) (5-7 gallons)$3$6$8$11
Cooler, Soft Carry $4$7$11$16
Cooler, Hard Rolling $7$13$19$26
Folding Tables $7$13$19$26

Mosquito Head Net$4$7$11$16
Rain Jacket$6$10$15$21
Rain Pants$6$10$15$21
Climbing Shoes$4$7$11$16
Long underwear$3$6$8$11
Long underwear top$3$6$8$11
Warm Fleece$6$10$15$21
Wet Suit$7$13$19$26

*Package Details

  • Backpack Package – 1 backpack, 1 sleeping bag, 1 sleeping mat, 1 light source of your choice (Lantern or headlamp), 1 crazy creek, 1 stove package of your choice, 1 shelter of your choice (Tent or hammock) 
  • Boogie Board Package – 1 Boogie Board and 1 leash
  • Canoe Package 1 canoe, 2 paddles, 2 life jackets, roof pads, and straps
  • Car-camping package 1 cooler, 1 tent, 1 sleeping bag, 1 sleeping mat, 1 lantern, 1 crazy creek, 1 aquatainer
  • Hammock Package – 1 ENO Hammock, 1 ENO Hammock Bug net, 1 ENO Hammock Rain Tarp, Slap Straps
  • Kayak Package 1 kayak, paddles, life jackets (1 for solo, 2 for tandem), roof pads, and straps
  • Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Package- 1 SUP, 1 paddle, 1 life jacket, 1 leash, and 1 fin
    • Inflatable SUP– also includes 1 manual pump and 1 carry bag
    • Hard SUP– also includes roof pads and straps
  • Stove Package – 1 stove, 1 pot set (no fuel)
  • Surfboard Package – 1 surfboard, 1 leash, roof pads, and straps
  • Snorkel Set 2 fins, 1 mask, and 1 snorkel

CORE How-To Videos

CORE Gear Rental Policies

1. Only valid Gator 1 Card holders (renter) may check-out outdoor rental equipment.

  • All equipment is the responsibility of the Gator 1 Card holder once it is checked-out.

2. The renter must sign the “Equipment Rental Agreement” at the time of equipment checkout.

  • Equipment condition will be assessed at the time of check-out and time of return.
  • The renter will be charged for late, dirty and/or wet, damaged, or lost equipment.
  • Equipment left unattended at the CORE facility will be charged a $25.00 charge. Should the equipment be lost or stolen while left unattended, the renter will be responsible for all replacement costs at current full retail prices.

3. Walk-in rental equipment must be paid for at the time of check-out.

4. Equipment rental requests must be made at least five days prior to the anticipated day of check-out. Requested equipment must be paid for at the time of request.

5. Equipment that is not returned at the assigned date and time, as stated in the rental agreement, will be considered late.

  • Equipment not returned within 14 days of the assigned date and time, will be considered lost.
  • Patrons will be assessed the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the lost equipment in addition to the accumulated late charges.

6. Failure to pay late, damage, cleaning, and/or replacement charges will result in the following:

  • Students: Charges left unpaid for more than 20 business days will be placed on the student’s UF account.
  • Non-students: Charges left unpaid for more than 20 business days will be submitted to a collection agency and the renter will be responsible for all collection fees.

7. RecSports reserves the right to refuse rental.

8. Walk-in equipment rentals are not eligible for refunds.

Gear Pick-up/Drop-off

Pick-up and drop-off your gear at CORE’s building behind the Southwest Recreational Center. Parking is available at several nearby lots.


Please note that you must also have a Universal Waiver on file in order to rent gear. The Universal Waiver covers additional policies. To fill out this Universal Waiver, please follow these steps (Only for UF Students, Faculty & Staff)

  • Go to rsconnect.recsports.ufl.edu
  • Select “Log In” in the top right corner
  • Use your Gatorlink username and password (without @ufl.edu) to sign in
  • In the top right corner, there will be a notification bell icon with a number over it, click this bell icon
  • Click the “Facility Access Waiver”, scroll through and read, then sign waiver by selecting the grey box
  • Click “Sign Now”
  • If you have engaged in other RecSports activities in the past, you may have already signed this waiver. CORE staff will make sure that your Universal Waiver is on file.


I don’t have a roof rack, can I still rent a boat?

Yes! The cost of your rental of a canoe, kayak, hard-top SUP, or surfboard includes foam blocks and straps to secure the watercraft to your vehicle. An employee will help show you to load and unload the boat from your vehicle.

I have a truck, can I still rent a boat?

Yes! We’ll work with your vehicle to figure out how to best attach the canoe, kayak, or hard-top SUP.

Where should I go?

Great question! If you’re looking for a nearby place, this map has a few places to go swimming or get on the water. Take a peek and then do your research before you head out! Naturalatlas.com is a great resouorce for additional information on outdoor recreation in the US.